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Bennett trailer with LCS tarp LCS

LCS, Trailer Connection partner for ROLL TOP tarp installation

Load Covering Solutions USA (LCS) recently added Trailer Connection in Joplin MO as a certified installer of its ROLL TOP tarp systems for flatbed trailers.

The company said all its Windmaster products are guaranteed to provide wind drag reduction and better fuel efficiency when compared to a flat aluminum bulkhead that is 100 inches high and traveling at 65 mph.

The Windmaster SMARTLOOK secures 20 inches ahead of the trailer front sill, and is fully self-contained and bolted for easy removal, LCS said. It provides ample cargo control storage in the fiberglass fairing, keeping everything off the deck and allowing for maximum deck utilization. The SMARTLOOK is computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tested to reduce wind drag by 9.96% and improve fuel economy by 4.98%.

Trailer Connection LCS-rolltop1.jpg

LCS and Trailer Connection kicked off their new partnership with a fleet purchase by The Bennett Group in McDonaugh GA. Bennett selected the “High Hauler” system, which rises 107 inches above the deck on low-profile flatbed trailers, enabling 104 inches of inside load capacity. The SMARTLOOK Mold is the optimum height to accommodate these High Hauler requirements, LCS said.

A bonus feature of the SMARTLOOK is that, at 107 inches high, it has a lower wind drag than a 100-inch-high aluminum bulkhead, LCS maintained.

“This is a first-ever breakthrough, meaning your cost to upgrade to a higher system is paid back in a year with better fuel savings in comparison to pulling a regular 100-inch high bulkhead,” the company claimed.

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For more information, visit or download a brochure at

Contact Dwight Payton, a Trailer Connection service manager, at [email protected], or visit for more information.


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