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InterMotive Break Out Box InterMotive

InterMotive’s BOB improves network compatibility for CVs

InterMotive Vehicle Controls, a manufacturer of electronic control systems, recently developed a product to address the proliferation of aftermarket devices using the OBDII connector on commercial vehicles.

The Break Out Box (BOB) is a multi-access hub for CAN bus connections that helps reduce compatibility issues on the network, the company said. Additionally, BOB decreases the necessity of multiple harnesses crowding the Data Link Connector (DLC) under the dash.

Two versions of the product, BOB and BOBe, offer custom options to address customer needs. BOB includes four module connections to the vehicle network, making it easy to add several devices without the complications caused by daisy-chaining harnesses, InterMotive said.

BOBe is enhanced with the addition of InterMotive’s Safe-T-Net features. With five module connections available, BOBe provides passive data acquisition with an auxiliary CAN network for third-party devices. This allows modules to co-exist on the network without requiring changes, minimizing conflicting requests and eliminating vehicle operational concerns, the company maintained.

A simple plug-and-play connection to the OEM chassis through the OBDII or a gateway connector provides a clean installation. Third-party devices can easily attach via custom harnesses to the multiple 10-pin connectors on BOB.

The Break Out Box currently is available on Ford, GM, FCA and medium-duty vehicles used in law enforcement, transit, fire and work truck applications.

For further details, contact Marc Ellison at LGS Group, the master distributor for InterMotive products, at 775-831-2002 ext. 201.

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