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Multi-lobe seal Coxreels

Coxreels unveils upgrade to multi-lobe swivel seals

Coxreels recently unveiled a seal upgrade to the nitrile 1.5-inch and 2-inch swivels with advanced multi-lobe sealing technology.

The enhanced seals are designed to maximize seal integrity, improve overall seal performance and maximize seal life, Coxreels said. The company’s testing shows the performance of the multi-lobe seals exceeds that of standard O-ring, cup and T-seals for large-capacity fluid handling and high-volume delivery in high- and low- pressure applications.

Additionally, the new seal geometry boasts a better resistance to compression set, which is a leading cause of premature seal failure, Coxreels maintained.

Visit or call (800) 269-7335 for more information.

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