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Austin Hardware Snap Vent Austin

Austin Hardware adds automatic compartment vent

Austin Hardware & Supply recently released a new automatic venting compartment vent called Snap Vent.

The company says the vent is for use in any compartment where a smooth closing door feel is desired. Typical applications for the vent are in fire and rescue vehicle compartments.

Air pressure against the flap causes it to rotate back, providing a large area for air to pass through. When the air pressure dissipates, the flap snaps closed to rest against the angled surface. This allows for adequate airflow and a smooth feel, Austin Hardware maintained, while still protecting the contents of the compartment from dirt, debris and moisture.

The vents can be stacked horizontally or vertically to give the appearance of a single vent. Vents install from the front with screws or rivets, and no rear access is necessary.

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