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HDA Truck Pride’s donates $35k to Kids Matter International

May 1, 2024
With the funds raised from HDA Truck Pride's annual meeting, the Grapevine-based charitable organization will be able to aid an additional 350 children in 2024

HDA Truck Pride's 2024 Annual Meeting raised $35,000 for Kids Matter International, a charity dedicated to the children of Grapevine, TX. The 2024 meeting provided several opportunities to donate to the charity throughout the week, starting with the HDA Cornhole Tournament & Welcome Dinner.

"We are honored to partner with Kids Matter International and incredibly proud of our network for their passionate efforts in being able to raise $35,000 for kids in need,” said HDA Truck Pride President and CEO Tina Hubbard. “The Kids Matter commitment to the Grapevine community deeply resonates with the values we hold within our HDA Truck Pride network. We're all about communities coming together to help each other and protect future generations.”

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Founded in 2006, Kids Matter International offers essential resources and educational opportunities to children in need in the Grapevine area. Their efforts include providing new clothing, shoes, books, and backpacks to offering educational programs. With a donation of $100, Kids Matter International provides up to $350 worth of new clothes and shoes to a child in need.

“This donation will enable us to provide clothing to an additional 350 kids in 2024, resulting in a total value of $122,500 in new merchandise,” said Marti Conner, president and CEO of Kids Matter International. “On behalf of the children we serve, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to HDA Truck Pride and the attendees for making a significant difference in the lives of these children.”

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