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Phillips Industries releases hassle-free cable QWIK-CLAMP

Nov. 6, 2019
Phillips Industries' QWIK-CLAMP secures hoses or cables to any support system between a tractor and trailer.

Phillips Industries recently introduced a new multi-functional QWIK-CLAMP, which it says is a hassle-free, corrosion-resistant solution for securing hoses or cables to any support system between a tractor and trailer.

The patented system converts from a one-, two- or three-hose holder, to a cable clamp for a 3-IN-1 by removing an insert, Phillips said.

Unlike traditional hose holders and cable clamps, the QWIK-CLAMP makes cable installation faster, with no tools required. The clamp’s secure draw latch creates a positive lock, keeping up to three cables or a 3-IN-1 in place, staying connected at more than 100 pounds of pull force, the company claimed. With the insert installed, the QWIK-CLAMP supports straight ABS electrical cables and 3/8-inch rubber air hoses, or coiled ABS electrical cables and nylon air lines with long leads.

Without the insert, it will support all Phillips 3-IN-1 assemblies and other applications approximately 1.6-inch in diameter.

The stainless-steel carbineer allows for quick attachment of the clamp to a tender spring or pogo stick. The clamp body and insert are made of non-corrosive and UV-resistant durable nylon for outstanding performance in extreme weather conditions, with a working temperature of -40°F to 150°F (-40°C to 66°C), the company maintained.

In addition to the clamp itself, Phillips also launched a tracker spring kit.  It combines the multi-functional technology of the QWIK-CLAMP with the strength and durability of an extra heavy-duty galvanized 20.5-inch tender spring. The entire system clips on and off the back of the cab without unbolting the sliding tracker bar.

Both products offer versatility for fleets, with varying types of air and electrical applications, and both work in a retail setting, offering cable support that suits many different customers’ needs. The QWIK-CLAMP with insert and tracker spring kit with QWIK-CLAMP are currently available from authorized dealers. The QWIK-CLAMP without insert, available since August, is the standard clamp included with all Phillips 3-IN-1 assemblies with QCMS2/QCP or QCP electrical connections.

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