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PCT releases EZTrac ‘no-hassle’ real-time asset tracker

Sept. 13, 2019
Phillips Connect Technologies (PCT) recently released EZTrac and EZTrac Plus asset tracking.

Phillips Connect Technologies (PCT) recently released EZTrac and EZTrac Plus asset tracking.

The company said the new “no-hassle” tracking solutions provide 24/7 visibility of a trailer or chassis fleet while requiring minimal install time.

“The EZTrac family of asset tracking solutions are designed specifically for any trailer or chassis fleet by streamlining the most useful tracking information and displaying it directly on a driver’s phone, tablet or operator’s office computer,” said Bill Ellis, president of PCT. “The solutions are offered at a very low cost, outperform the competition and install in minutes.”

EZTrac is a rugged, real-time, high-performance asset tracker and concealed theft recovery device that plugs into an industry standard ABS harness, according to PCT. It can be powered by the AUX (ABS) or brake circuit and activates in two steps. With its IP67 sealed weatherproof enclosure and embedded STA-DRY harness, EZTrac is designed to withstand heavy-duty transportation abuse.

For more capability, fleets can choose EZTrac Plus, which transmits the location of a trailer or chassis with or without power thanks to its six-month re-chargeable internal battery.  EZTrac Plus also offers multiple sensor connectivity through Bluetooth (BLE) or a PCT branded “smart harness,” sold separately, PCT said.

With EZTrac and EZTrac Plus, pinpointing the location of trailers and chassis is instantaneous via nationwide 4G cellular LTE networks.

“These solutions bring the power of connected trailers within an affordable reach for the entire truck-trailer transportation market,” Ellis said.

EZTrac and EZTrac Plus are exclusively available in the aftermarket through Aurora Parts & Accessories, New Life Transport Parts Center, and Utility Trailer Dealers.

For more detailed information about EZTrac solutions, visit phillips-connect.com.

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