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Lite-Check’s Verifier helps Andrews Logistics improve CSA

Aug. 13, 2019
Andrews Logistics says Lite-Check’s Verifier fleet maintenance system is helping it streamline operations.

Andrews Logistics, which specializes in bulk liquid transportation, says Lite-Check’s Verifier fleet maintenance management system is helping it streamline operations and improve its Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) scores.

Robby Arnold, Andrews’ vice president of maintenance at its Southlake TX headquarters, installed the company’s first Verifier system in 2016 at its La Porte TX location, one of 14 sites for Andrews, which has a fleet of 750 trailers and 350 tractors.

The company now has eight Verifier systems submitting reports from satellite locations.

“As a result, more than 500 reports (and growing) are submitted monthly including trailers, tractors and tires,” Andrews said. “Official DOT reports, custom periodic reports and tire reports are stored in (the) Verifier platform, allowing easy report recovery and data mining.”

Early on, report management became the most noticeable benefit for the clerical staff, reducing paper shuffling and lost reports. Since the reports are immediately logged on the cloud platform, daily activity is accessible, and staff has access to up-to-date fleet snapshots that enable improved oversight.

As the library grows with the reports, and more information is available, Andrews will be able to identify issues that may be site- or fleet-related, such as managing tire wear and maintenance practices, Lite-Check said. The data is stored by vehicle report but is available for detailed reports, such as technician activity, component issues and vehicle profiles, providing wide access for analytics.

A long-term benefit is new-vehicle specifications, Lite-Check said.

“(Arnold) has the flexibility to design periodic inspection reports, enforcing company concerns as well as official DOT reports,” Andrews said. “The Verifier tablet has the features of taking photos, reading bar codes and making notes for confirmation that an item was addressed by the technician.

“He is considering bar coding labels to be placed on critical items for assurance.”

New Verifier features are constantly in process, such as creating a HAZMAT app reducing paperwork and being able to recover reports more easily. 

Arnold credits the Verifier system for helping Andrews improve its CSA scores, and the company’s ability to identify pending issues in the shop, rather than on the road. And in the case of a road incident, vehicle reports are immediately available, any time, anywhere, with authorized access.

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