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Phillips intros dual-pole socket with corrosion protection

May 15, 2019
Phillips Industries recently introduced the Dual Pole QCS2 Quick-Change Socket.

Phillips Industries recently introduced the Dual Pole QCS2 Quick-Change Socket, which the company says features superior corrosion protection for dual pole applications such as liftgate systems.

The new quick-change socket joins Phillips’ family of weather-proofing products designed to solve the challenges the industry faces with corrosion.

Any open connection on a vehicle is susceptible to corrosion, including the liftgate connection, where corrosion buildup can be more devastating than in the seven-way connection because it requires a larger amperage draw, increasing the chemical reaction. Corrosion can “choke” the charge to the liftgate, leading to possible downtime when there is not enough power to cycle the liftgate, and the potential for a thermal event.

To combat this, the Dual Pole QCS2 was designed with the same corrosion-fighting technology as the original Phillips QCS2, initially developed for the seven-way connection when fleets began seeing the impact of harsh deicers introduced to treat the roads.

The Dual Pole QCS2 consists of a dual pole harness boot, completely molded to the liftgate harness cable, which grips the plug-in socket and holds it in place. The socket, with non-corrosive housing and a completely sealed inner cavity, blocks moisture and contaminants between the plug and socket union, keeping corrosion out, Phillips claimed.

An additional feature the product offers are offset pins, which help prevent accidental arcing. With a longer negative pin and shorter “hot” pin, the connection is grounded before power is circulated through the system on the positive pin, thus avoiding the potential for any sparks, the company maintained.

The Dual Pole QCS2 is currently available from Phillips authorized dealers for dual pole connections on the tractor side, with the boot in a 6 o’clock angle position in 2- and 4-gauge options.

For the ultimate protection against corrosion, Phillips recommends combining the dual-pole socket connection with the WEATHER-TITE M2 dual pole liftgate electrical assembly to keep corrosion out and liftgates cycling for on-time deliveries.

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