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APSCO develops aftermarket hydraulic selector valve

March 21, 2019
APSCO recently introduced the APSV-100 Hydraulic Selector Valve.

APSCO, which manufactures pneumatic and hydraulic valves and controls for the mobile equipment and transportation industry, recently introduced the APSV-100 Hydraulic Selector Valve.

The APSV-100 is a two-position, 60-gallons-per-minute hydraulic selector valve, which is designed to allow a single input flow to be directed into one of two independent hydraulic circuits. Manufactured from ductile iron with a maximum working pressure of 4,000 PSI, the APSV-100 is suitable for a broad range of mobile applications.

“For years our customers have asked us to develop a cleaner, simpler air shift solution for existing selector valves that were already available on the market,” said Vince Williams, APSCO’s CEO. “Certain constraints around the existing products limited our ability to solve the problem, so we ended up developing our own valve and actuator package.”

The APSV-100 is available in both air shift and manual configurations.

“APSCO is well-known for manufacturing quality products and then backing them with a high level of dependable customer service,” said Chris Wunsch, vice president of sales and marketing. “The APSV-100 is another example of responding to our customers’ request for more product lines that they can source from APSCO.”