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Stellar introduces aluminum crane for mechanics trucks

March 6, 2019
Stellar Industries recently developed a new electric crane to help operators save weight on their mechanics trucks.

Stellar Industries recently developed a new electric crane designed to help operators save weight on their mechanics trucks.

The manufacturer of truck-mounted equipment unveiled the lightweight Stellar EC3200 Aluminum telescopic service crane, which it says is the mechanics truck market’s only aluminum service crane, at The Work Truck Show.

Expanding the EC Series of telescopic service cranes, the EC3200 Aluminum crane is more than 30% lighter than its steel counterpart, Stellar said. This weight savings allows operators to carry more payload on their mechanics truck without sacrificing crane performance.

“We’ve proven that aluminum construction can be lightweight, strong and durable if advanced design and manufacturing methods are used,” said Tim Davison, Stellar’s senior product manager. “The new EC3200 Aluminum is the lightest 3,200-pound crane in the industry, giving our customers the freedom to carry more on their trucks—tools, parts, a lube skid or anything else they need to do their jobs better.”

The compact EC3200 weighs only 500 pounds—230 less than the steel version. Exclusive aluminum extrusion construction and proprietary design and manufacturing techniques ensure the strength of the crane, which offers 3,200 pounds of lifting capacity and 15 feet of horizontal reach.

Rated for 11,500 foot-pounds, the EC3200 is ideal for service bodies with crane reinforcement kits. The unit’s lightweight design, ease of operation and economical pricing make it especially well-suited for municipal, oil and gas, and rental fleets, Stellar said.

The introduction of the EC3200 Aluminum crane builds on Stellar’s experience in manufacturing aluminum truck bodies. Stellar has been a supplier of aluminum tire service bodies to North American markets for more than 25 years, rolling out the TMAX Aluminum Series of mechanics truck bodies in 2017.

The crane’s aluminum construction also provides corrosion resistance for lower maintenance and longer equipment life. Enhanced corrosion resistance can be especially beneficial for customers that work in harsh northern climates or near saltwater in coastal areas, Stellar said.

Like other members of the EC Series, the EC3200 Aluminum telescopic service crane incorporates a variety of features, including:

  • A low-profile design for work in confined areas.
  • A robust gear-bearing rotation system with a high-strength steel ball bearing turntable gear, a high-strength steel worm gear, and a cast steel worm gear housing.
  • A planetary winch to ensure the winch will continue lifting until it reaches the full rated capacity.
  • 410 degrees of rotation with an integrated rotation stop to provide excellent performance while protecting wires and hoses from damage.

For more information, visit or call (800) 321-3741.