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Eaton Cummins recently expanded the Endurant automated transmission lineup to include a new dual Power Takeoff (PTO).

Eaton Cummins adds dual PTO variant to Endurant line

Feb. 27, 2019
Eaton Cummins recently added a new dual Power Takeoff (PTO) version of the 12-speed model to the Endurant line.

Eaton Cummins Automated Transmission Technologies recently expanded its Endurant automated transmission lineup to include a new dual Power Takeoff (PTO) version of the 12-speed model.

The new dual PTO option of Endurant provides customers with two PTO mounting locations: an eight-bolt bottom mount and a four-bolt rear mount with a combined 95 horsepower capability. A single PTO model with an eight-bolt bottom mount location also is available, giving fleets enhanced flexibility in the secondary market.

“We’re very excited to put our award-winning Endurant in the hands of more fleets,” said Charles Masters, general manager of Eaton Cummins Automated Transmission Technologies. “The dual PTO model will allow more fleets to experience the many industry-leading features of Endurant.”

Since the launch of the 12-speed overdrive model in late 2017, the Endurant portfolio has expanded to include an 11-speed direct-drive model with calibrations optimized to meet the needs of linehaul and regional fleets typically operating at lower cruise speeds and on flatter terrain. Having overdrive and direct-drive models gives fleet managers the choice to select the best ratio for their application and route, the company said.

All Endurant transmissions have a variety of features designed to reduce maintenance and increase uptime:

  • Internal electrical system routing that minimizes exposure and corrosion to wires and connectors for improved reliability;
  • A smart prognostics feature provides clutch replacement notification to better plan maintenance scheduling;
  • An industry-exclusive transmission fluid pressure sensor notifies drivers of low oil levels to provide burn-up warranty coverage;
  • Smooth and intuitive shift strategies that enhance the operator’s driving experience;
  • Predictive shifting using look-ahead technology to execute shift decisions that improve fuel efficiency and provide additional driver comfort;
  • A maintenance-free 430-millimeter self-adjust clutch that requires no grease;
  • An industry-leading 750,000-mile lube change interval in linehaul applications;
  • Endurant requires only 16 pints of lubricant, about half the amount of competitive models;
  • A replaceable input shaft sleeve allows for affordable and quick repair, while competitive transmissions require a costly and time-consuming full teardown; and,
  • Capable of maximum 510 horsepower and 1,850 foot-pounds of torque.

Like all automated transmissions from the Eaton Cummins joint venture, Endurant is available with IntelliConnect, a telematics capable system designed to provide near real-time monitoring of vehicle fault codes, prioritizes critical events and provides accurate and comprehensive action plans by technical experts at Eaton.

The primary objective of IntelliConnect is to increase a fleet’s uptime by reducing unplanned downtime and providing quicker repair diagnostics through remote communication with a vehicle’s transmission.

The joint venture’s components are backed by Eaton’s Roadranger network of more than 180 drivetrain professionals who provide solutions, support and expertise to fleets and dealers. For more information visit, where the latest product information is available, as well as service, parts and training assistance.

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