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Ancra Cargo releases 50th anniversary catalog

Jan. 29, 2019
Ancra Cargo recently released its 50th Anniversary full-line catalog.

Ancra Cargo, which specializes in cargo handling and restraint systems, recently released its 50th Anniversary full-line catalog, which it says illustrates “the increasing breadth and depth” of its product lines.

“Our new 2019 full-line catalog illustrates our continued advancement of engineered technology along with an expanding lineup of decking systems including our latest Vers-A-Deck, Logist-A-Panel, and FasTrack solutions, and our growing line of roller floor systems, now featuring Retract-A-Roll 4,” said Larry Bethel, Ancra’s president.

“The catalog is organized to save you time and effort.”

From anchor points to zinc coated hardware, Ancra’s cargo restraint systems help drivers hit the road with a stable, secure load. Whether the cargo calls for standard or heavy-duty restraint, it’s in the catalog, which boasts flatbed, interior van solutions, lifting slings, auto transport products, hardware, and utility tie downs to meet all load securement requirements and help ensure compliance with current regulations.

Ancra says its emergency equipment, including flags, banners, lights, reflectors and wearables, is engineered for utility and dependability. Flatbed and interior van accessories, such as Ancra’s new Flatbed Trailer Ladder and Trailer Access Steps, are designed to make life easier for material handlers.

There are eight product sections within the catalog:

  • Flatbed
  • Lifting Slings
  • Interior Van
  • Utility Tie Downs
  • Safety and Emergency Equipment
  • General Hardware & Webbing
  • Auto Transport
  • General Information

Color-coded pages in each section make it easy to find each category. All products are presented with photos and complete descriptions, capacities and sizes. Drawings and sidebar how-to guides provide additional details, as well as web links and Quick Response (QR) Codes that connect users to dynamic online information.

The 2019 Ancra Product Catalog is available now in print and PDF formats.

For more information, contact Ancra Cargo customer service at 1 800 233 5138 or download a copy of the catalog here.