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Purkeys updates liftgate charging systems

Jan. 3, 2019
Purkeys recently updated its Select and Direct liftgate charging systems.

Purkeys recently updated its Select and Direct liftgate charging systems.

“These products will continue to provide the same great charging but are now housed in a nosebox to save space on the front of your trailer,” the company said.

The new charging systems include the option for an interior light controller, which allows drivers to turn trailer lights on and off from the front of the trailer.

The newly updated Select and Direct noseboxes also:

  • Provide dual/single pole connections in a space-saving nosebox
  • Provide optional interior light control at the front of the trailer
  • Increase battery life
  • Increase battery state of charge
  • Automatically detect the best charging source from available options
  • Allow liftgates to operate more efficiently
  • Reduce downtime
  • Show battery and charging system status with easy-to-read LED indicators
  • Alert drivers and technicians to potential problems, thus reducing troubleshooting time

These models supplement Purkey’s previously released Direct Plus, Direct Flex and Direct Max nosebox liftgate charging models, which offer liftgate charging with 7-way and/or dual-pole connections.

As with past models, new noseboxes use patented technology, and a DC/DC converter to regulate and maximize liftgate battery charge, the company said.