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Tramec's new division specializes in PTC heaters

Dec. 4, 2018
The Tramec Engineered Components Group is launching Termico Technologies, a subsidiary of Tramec.

The Tramec Engineered Components Group is launching Termico Technologies, a subsidiary of Tramec located in Elk Grove Village IL that specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) self-regulating heater systems.

These systems serve several end markets, including commercial transportation.

Cary Moreth, president of Tramec, said Termico will focus on delivering safe, reliable, energy-saving heater products where superior performance is a necessity.

“The Termico PTC heating technology, along with 80-plus years of industry and product knowledge now on staff, position us well as we continue to bring our customers innovative, safe and feature-rich products that deliver added value and improved performance,” Moreth said.

Gary Sullo, president and CEO of Tramec Holdings said he’s excited about the launch of Termico Technologies, which provides Tramec with “an innovative, adjacent technology to strategically augment our current product offerings.”

“This superior heating technology further demonstrates our commitment to offer leading-edge technology to key markets,” he said. “Tramec will continue to deliver engineered solutions for our customers’ end products while expanding our manufacturing capabilities in the United States.”

Michael Cubon, chief technology officer, said Termico utilizes a blend of self-regulating conductive/resistive polymeric materials in its heater offering.

“These well-proven materials provide customers with safety and energy-saving benefits in many critical applications,” Cubon said. “The combination of these highly engineered materials and our design and manufacturing expertise make Termico Technologies products the best choice for demanding applications where superior, safe and energy-efficient heating is required.”