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FleetPride offering deal on Jaltest diagnostic tools

May 31, 2018
FleetPride, a distributor of truck and trailer parts, is offering six months of interest-free financing on Jaltest all-makes, all-models diagnostic tools.

FleetPride, a distributor of truck and trailer parts in the heavy-duty aftermarket channel, is offering six months of interest-free financing on Jaltest all-makes, all-models diagnostic tools at all its branches.

The offer is available to all FleetPride credit customers who purchase Jaltest commercial vehicle kits for maintaining Class 3-8 vehicles, AG & Off-Highway software and annual licenses, or Jaltest’s ruggedized laptops from May 1 to August 31.

“We tested the top diagnostic tools in our own Service Centers,” said Terri Roseman, FleetPride senior director of category management and marketing. “The Jaltest tool performed heads and shoulders above the competition.

“It has the best coverage and its troubleshooting and step-by-step code resolution is unmatched in the market.”

The Jaltest diagnostic tool connects to any Class 3-8 truck, trailer, bus, off-road, marine or agricultural vehicle on the market. It identifies inactive and active fault codes across all heavy-duty ECUs in a single interface and enables the mechanic to read and clear codes, easily adjust parameters and leverage bi-directional controls.

With Info Online, Jaltest also provides interactive system diagrams that identify sensors, components and pins.  With the Jaltest GRP enterprise network, you can manage shop resources, client portfolios, repair orders and shop tasks.

The Jaltest commercial vehicle kit covers Class 3-8 vehicles, offering troubleshooting in the diagnostic market. Off-highway and agricultural kits also are available. For hands-on service, all of FleetPride’s 40 Service Centers use the Jaltest in their diagnostic and repair work.