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Dec. 1, 2007
Hutch 9036i built for intermodal chassis An improved version of the Hutch 9000 two-pin slider, the new Hutch 9036i from Hutchens Industries, with 36 spring

Hutch 9036i built for intermodal chassis

An improved version of the Hutch 9000 two-pin slider, the new Hutch 9036i from Hutchens Industries, with 36“ spring I-beam centers, is designed for intermodal chassis applications. Main features of the Hutch 9036i I-Beam Slider include:

  • Interchangeable with the 9000 two-pin chassis slide.

  • Weight capacity rating up to 25,000 lb/axle.

  • The design, material, and welding/assembly process has been optimized to produce a durable, lightweight frame that offers years of trouble-free service.

  • Huck “lockbolt” fasteners for the rocker hanger assembly are virtually maintenance-free.

  • EZ-Pull lock pin mechanism has a removable and replaceable pin cage.

  • Heavy-duty, cast rear hold-down clips.

  • Cast sidemount hangers have no hidden pockets for moisture to accumulate.

  • Use of lighter-weight, higher-strength materials allows for greater payload due to a weight reduction of more than 100 lb.

The Hutch 9036i is backed by Hutchens' on-time delivery, warranty, and commitment to after-sale support and service.

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SuperTrack wheel spacers improve handling

Different track widths at the front and rear of your motorhome, truck, or van can create handling and stability problems. SuperSteer, a division of Henderson's Line-Up, has made available SuperTrack (formerly CorrecTrack) wheel spacers to solve this problem quickly and economically.

SuperTrack wheel spacers install on rear hubs using the original studs, widening the user's rear track up to two inches per side. This corrects the factory front-to-rear tracking deviation, resulting in greater overall stability, improved cornering, true tracking, and enhanced appearance. SuperTrack wheel spacers are available for popular Chevy/GMC, Ford, and Dodge truck/van chassis.

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‘Little Giant’ works well in limited space

Coxreels introduces the new LG series specifically design for tubing and air/water applications. The LG Series is equipped with a continuous radius grommet-style tubing guide constructed of bearing grade, FDA-compliant C-PEP composite. There are no corners to pinch the tubing or rollers for tubing to catch on; a slick surface promotes gliding. The reel also features lower pull tension to reduce the chance of stretching tubing. This “Little Giant” mounts to any horizontal or vertical flat surface and weighs 9 to 13 pounds depending on the model. This reel is designed for commercial and industrial applications where space is limited.

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Motion Master puts comfort into long-haul truck driving

When a job entails driving throughout the Midwest and West Coast for days at a time, there is no compromising on comfort. Such is the case for Tim Schreiber, a truck driver who was so pleased with the Lord Motion Master ride management system that he called Lord to tell the firm about it.

“I learned about Motion Master in the mid-1990s,” said Schreiber. “In 1998, recognizing its benefits and the importance of controlling the continuous jarring and vibrations associated with driving a truck, I installed a seat from Bostrom Seating equipped with Lord Motion Master ride management system in my Peterbilt. Since then, I have put a million miles on the truck, and there is no doubt that Motion Master has really made a difference in my comfort and health.”

Designed by Lord to control the shock and vibration of suspension seats, the Motion Master Ride Management System was introduced in 1998. Because of their rough rides, Class 8 trucks and off-highway machinery are typically equipped with air suspension seats. Although such seats perform well for suppressing vibration, they typically experience suspension topping and bottoming. In contrast, standard shock absorber technology is used to control unwanted seat motion, however, providing good ride comfort and controlling topping and bottoming without compromise is a tough challenge.

To meet this challenge, Lord combined new technology with age-old shock absorber technology and engaged in a concentrated effort on controls development, damper design, and subjective ride evaluation. The result is a system that uses a shock absorber containing magneto-rheological (MR) fluid, a patented mixture of iron particles and carrier oil. This high-tech MR shock absorber, when paired with a computer-controlled algorithm and installed in a seat suspension, allows real-time adaptation to the changing shock and vibration the truck driver may experience. The system, consisting of the Lord MR damper and electronic controls, provides a smooth-riding seat without any compromise in ride performance.

Schreiber said the Motion Master also works well for various body types including lighter drivers. He said most seat systems are designed for heavier passengers, not his 175-pound frame, but Motion Master is “just right.”

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Peterson strengthens Canadian presence

Peterson Manufacturing has formed new partnerships with two Canadian firms. Now representing Peterson throughout Canada is Grant Brothers Sales Ltd of Mississauga, Ontario. With a large sales force in the automotive, hardware, and heavy-duty markets, Grant Brothers provides the strong, in-the-field presence that Peterson was seeking as part of its renewed focus on Canadian sales.

On the distribution side, G'Day Warehousing Inc of Brampton, Ontario will now provide distribution center services for the Peterson line. G'Day is a family-owned business with modern, computerized facilities plus transportation and courier coordination.

Peterson previously enjoyed a long relationship with Spartan Agencies Ltd/Spartan Warehousing Ltd in western Canada and Spartan Marketing Services Inc and NAFTA Warehousing Services Inc in eastern Canada.

Equipment Web Services, Car Mate partner

Equipment Web Services, a division of Dominion Enterprises, has partnered with Car Mate Trailers Inc, a manufacturer of enclosed cargo and open utility/equipment trailers, to become its exclusive Internet services and systems provider. Car Mate, whose line includes the Contractor Series cargo and dump trailers, recently celebrated its 25th anniversary in the trailer industry and has 115 employees at its facility in Leeper PA.

As a partner, Equipment Web Services will provide Car Mate dealers with multi-branded sales sites and services and Brand Integrity sub-sites. Both the multi-branded sales sites and Brand Integrity sub-sites will offer the parent company, Car Mate, and its dealers improved opportunities to sell more trailers. The sub-sites will represent Car Mate in a branded environment by stocking Car Mate photos and specs while letting dealers and Car Mate track leads, gauge growth, and monitor sales.