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Jan. 1, 2008
Peterbilt ranks highest in medium-duty truck customer satisfaction, study finds Peterbilt ranks highest in customer satisfaction among conventional cab

Peterbilt ranks highest in medium-duty truck customer satisfaction, study finds

Peterbilt ranks highest in customer satisfaction among conventional cab medium-duty trucks, while Chevrolet ranks highest in medium-duty truck dealer service satisfaction, according to the J D Power and Associates 2007 Medium-Duty Truck Customer Satisfaction Study. Peterbilt and Chevrolet each rank highest in their respective segments for a second consecutive year. The study, now in its 15th year, measures customer perceptions of 2005 model-year Class 5, 6, and 7 commercial vehicles.

Within the conventional truck segment, four factors are used to determine overall satisfaction (in order of importance): vehicle performance; quality; warranty; and cost of ownership. Peterbilt performs particularly well in three of the four factors: vehicle performance, quality, and cost of ownership. Kenworth closely follows Peterbilt in the segment rankings, while GMC Truck, Hino, Freightliner, and Chevrolet, respectively, also rank above the segment average. Hino, included in the conventional segment results for the first time, performs well in the warranty factor.

In the dealer service segment, overall satisfaction is determined by six factors (in order of importance): dealer facility; service quality; service delivery; service initiation; service advisor; and price. Chevrolet ranks highest in the segment for a second consecutive year, followed by Peterbilt, GMC Truck, Hino, and Kenworth, respectively. Peterbilt improves considerably since 2006, making sizable gains in each factor and performing well in service facility, quality, delivery, initiation, and service advisor.

DEL to distribute Maxilift, Cobra cranes

DEL Hydraulics has been appointed as a distributor of Maxilift articulating cranes and Cobra service cranes.

The Maxilift crane has excellent strength-to-weight ratios, advanced safety devices, and is precisely manufactured. The range of Maxilift telescopic boom cranes is ideal for installation on light commercial vehicles such as pickup truck bodies and transport vehicles. Maxilift cranes are supplied with a visual and audible warning “CE” load limiting device; multifunction valve bank; compact, ergonomic control console; fully sequenced and engineered hydraulic extensions; low-maintenance rotation system; and a high-tensile hexagonal one-piece boom structure.

Cobra service cranes are supplied with a hexagonal Swedish steel boom with a single-stage hydraulic and manual protected cylinder extension placed inside the boom and a continuous rotating hydraulic worm gear slewing system. Sheaves are made in low-friction, high-strength, weatherproof polymer. The traveling block, swivel hook with safety latch has a full safety control system with a load limiting device. The anti-two block and stop-end cable system is on the drum. The electrical winch is supplied with a non-twisting cable and is placed on a proper bracket on the column with a possible simultaneous operation of another function by the same pendant control box. The ergonomic hand held on/off remote and control box can interface with commercial radio systems.

IFW BedSlide lists its products for 2008

IFW BedSlide is offering these truck bed cargo management products for 2008:

  • Contractor Grade BedSlide. With a 1,800-lb capacity and a gray hammertone powdercoat finish, it has eight high-capacity sealed ball bearings for smooth operation. Other features include aluminum side rails, WeatherDeck surface, and one-hand operation with new squeeze handle and three stops.

  • WeatherDeck BedSlide. With a 1,200-lb capacity and powdercoat finish, it offers high-capacity sealed ball bearing slide action. Like the Contractor, it has aluminum side rails, WeatherDeck surface, and one-hand operation with new squeeze handle and three stops.

  • Classic BedSlide. This 1,200-lb-capacity BedSlide has standard features but also provides a carpet-finish deck surface and T-handle operation with three stops.

  • XL BedSlide. This premium series designed for the Chevrolet Avalanche and Cadillac EXT has a 1,000-lb capacity and 22 sealed ball bearings for smooth operation. With a powdercoat finish, it is available in WeatherDeck or Carpet deck surface.

All these products come pre-assembled. Phone 888-807-0099 or access for more details.

Utility's dry van certified for SmartWay

With its 4000D-X dry van, Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co became the first trailer manufacturer offering a qualifying model to be certified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency as a SmartWay trailer.

Utility's SmartWay 4000D-X offers aerodynamic enhancements, low rolling resistance tires, and overall weight reduction that qualify it under the specifications of the EPA's SmartWay Partnership.

Utility participated in the special SmartWay “Get Green” Trucking Summit at the recent Great American Trucking Show hosted by the EPA. The event showcases the achievements of the SmartWay Partnership, a progressive collaboration between the EPA and the freight industry to increase energy efficiency, with an emphasis on fuel-saving technologies.

Town of Newmarket chooses Arctic plows

Cummins Hydraulics, a distributor for Canadian snow removal equipment manufacturer Arctic Snowplows, has been awarded an exclusive contract to provide snow removal equipment for the Town of Newmarket, Ontario.

A local, family-owned business, Cummins Hydraulics sells and services hydraulic and industrial components. Under terms of the contract, it will provide Arctic snow removal equipment to the municipality for at least five years.

Arctic Snowplows, a Canadian company founded in 1969, offers a line of snowplows, plow partners, and salt spreaders.

Saltillo plant putting out new Dodge Ram chassis cabs

Production of the all-new 2008 Dodge Ram 4500 and 5500 chassis cabs is underway at Chrysler LLC's Saltillo Assembly Plant in Saltillo, Mexico. The Saltillo plant also produces the Dodge Ram Mega Cab, Power Wagon, Heavy Duty 2500 and 3500 models, and 3500 chassis cab. It is taking on production of the 4500 and 5500 chassis cabs as part of the Chrysler's Flexible Manufacturing Strategy (FMS).

Chrysler recently invested another $48 million in the plant, resulting in a 120,000-square-foot expansion that allows the plant to produce commercial vehicles and accommodate new frame configurations. This follows a $210 million investment in the plant for production of the 2006 Dodge Ram Mega Cab in 2005. Production of the 4500s and 5500s got underway in July 2007, with the first vehicles reaching Dodge commercial vehicle dealerships in November 2007.

This expansion also enables the plant to manage the greater complexity of the new 2008 Dodge Ram 4500 and 5500 chassis cabs.

Eaton commercializes Crutonite alloy

Eaton Corp has announced the first commercial application of its Crutonite alloy will be the exhaust valves on Caterpillar Inc's C15 heavy-duty on-highway diesel engine beginning in 2008.

Crutonite, the trade name for the new alloy co-developed with supplier partner Crucible Materials Corp, consists of less than half the amount of nickel as traditional high-temperature alloys, but offers comparable strength and wear and corrosion resistance. Crutonite was recently named a finalist in the 2008 Automotive News PACE (Premier Automotive Suppliers' Contribution to Excellence) Award competition.

According to the London Metal Exchange, the cost of nickel surged 165 percent from autumn 2006 to autumn 2007. This spike greatly affects the overall manufacturing costs of high-volume engines such as the C15 that previously required engine valves to be made from alloys of 70 percent nickel.

Before agreeing to change the engine valve alloy, Cat conducted tests to ensure that Crutonite would be able to withstand the real-world durability needs, as each C15 engine is expected to perform flawlessly for more than a million miles.

It's Fresh & Easy being ‘green’ — with hybrid Vector's help

When the new Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market chain opened its first grocery stores in Southern California in fall 2007, it was supported by a “green” fleet of refrigerated trailers that feature Carrier Transicold's hybrid Vector 1800MT multi-temperature systems.

Featuring Carrier's patented Deltek diesel-electric technology, the Vector 1800MT system is a radical departure from conventional mechanical refrigeration. It uses an electric generator to power all components, reducing emissions and noise while eliminating many maintenance items, and increasing performance and reliability. Already popular in Europe, the hybrid Vector unit was introduced in North America in 2006.

With 122 store locations announced to date, British retail giant Tesco is developing a new chain of stores for the United States based on the concept of providing consumers fresh, high-quality foods and a faster, easier neighborhood shopping experience. Like Fresh & Easy's stores and facilities, which use energy-efficient lighting, solar panels and freezers, its trailer fleet will further Fresh & Easy's goal to be a good neighbor and environmental steward.

The Vector 1800MT unit integrates a diesel engine with an all-electric refrigeration system to deliver increased reliability, improved performance, and environmental benefits. Deltek technology strips away conventional mechanical transport refrigeration parts such as belts, shafts, pulleys, valves, dampers, and gearboxes that eventually require service or replacement. The diesel engine drives a high-output electric generator that creates enough electricity to run system components, such as fans, heating elements, and the compressor.

Installed and supported by Carrier Transicold of Southern California, the Vector 1800MT system lets Fresh & Easy shut down the engine and plug each unit into an electric power supply for loading at the distribution center and unloading at stores. This “standby capability” reduces diesel consumption and exhaust, which is especially important in California, where transport refrigeration emissions regulations are the strictest in the nation. It is also less expensive to use standby instead of diesel.

Fresh & Easy is also concerned about noise. On the road, Vector units are quieter than conventional systems, and in standby mode they operate with no sound from the diesel engine. On standby, the unit runs like a very large and sophisticated electric refrigerator.

For more information on Carrier, e-mail Anthony D'Angelo at [email protected].

Clean Power complies with CARB rules

Kenworth Truck Co's Clean Power no-idle system is fully compliant with California Air Resources Board (CARB) idling regulations going into effect Jan 1, 2008, for sleeper trucks with 2007 and later model engines.

CARB's new regulatory measures expand the five-minute idling limit for heavy-duty vehicles to include sleeper berth trucks, eliminating by year-end their exemption to idle the engine during periods of sleeper and rest. The CARB heavy-duty vehicle idling emission reduction program also sets requirements for anti-idling technologies, including auxiliary power units (APUs) and fuel-operated heaters. Both idling and emission regulations apply to heavy-duty trucks operating in California, whether or not they are registered there.

Kenworth Clean Power uses dedicated, advanced deep-cycle batteries that power a thermal storage cooler with 21,000 Btus of cooling capacity. The system has the capability of providing engine-off cooling and heating, plus 120-volt power for hotel loads.

Clean Power also comes with an enhanced sleeper insulation package and high-output, low-current LED lighting.

Volvo picks Bridgestone R287 as standard

Volvo Trucks North America recently selected the Bridgestone R287 as the standard position steer tire for the Volvo VN and Volvo VT series of highway trucks. Bridgestone Firestone North American Tire, LLC is Volvo's standard supplier of tires for all new Volvo trucks sold in North America.

The R287 is a radial tire designed for steering positions in long haul and regional haul applications. The R287's tread design, tough tread compound and patented Bridgestone Side Groove and Equalizer Rib work together to combat irregular wear, provide traction, and deliver high mileage.

Volvo also selected the Bridgestone M860 as its standard position steer tire for the Volvo VHD vocational truck. The M860 is a radial tire designed for steering positions in refuse hauling, high scrub, and special service applications. The M860's sidewall protector ribs, chip- and cut-resistant tread compound, and center groove stone rejectors combine to deliver an on/off highway tire rated for sustained speeds of up to 65 mph and capable of single tire loads of up to 10,000 lb at 130 psi.

E-mail Jim McNamara at [email protected] for more details.

Eaton plans to develop digital hydraulic hybrid drive for US Army vehicles

Eaton Corp is adapting its advanced digital hydraulic hybrid drive system technology for United States Army vehicles. The goal of the project, which is being done in conjunction with Western Michigan University (WMU), is to develop smaller and lighter drivetrain components, increase fuel efficiency, and improve traction and stability for Army tactical vehicles.

Development work will be conducted by scientists and engineers at Eaton's Innovation Center in Southfield MI, in cooperation with WMU's Center for Advanced Vehicle Design Simulation (CAVIDS) in Kalamazoo MI. Also actively involved in the project is Eaton's hydraulics headquarters location in Eden Prairie MN.

US Rep Fred Upton (R-MI), Sen Norm Coleman (R-MN) and Rep Jim Ramstad (R-MN) provided key support in securing the Army project.

Cummins receives engine orders from China

Cummins recently received an order of 1,000 Euro IV diesel engines from Beijing Public Transport Holdings Ltd (BPT), and 900 Euro III diesel engines from Hangzhou Public Transport Corp (HZPT). Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang Province in eastern China.

BPT's most recent order comes in addition to its purchase of 1,400 Cummins Euro IV diesels and 250 Cummins Westport (a joint venture of Cummins and Westport Innovations) Euro III natural gas engines in the second quarter of 2007. With this new order, Cummins and Cummins Westport, will power more than 14,000 BPT buses — more than half of the transit agency's fleet.

China has implemented Euro III emission standards nationwide in 2007 and plans to move to Euro IV by 2010. Beijing will move to Euro IV in 2008 in time for the Summer Olympics. Cummins is the largest supplier to China's nationwide Euro III/IV diesel bus engine market and is the largest supplier in the country's natural gas transit bus engine sector.

Mack selects Bridgestone tires as standard

Mack Trucks Inc has chosen the Bridgestone R250F as the standard tire for its Granite and TerraPro Cabover model series of heavy-duty vocational trucks. Bridgestone Firestone North American Tire LLC is the standard supplier of tires for all new Mack trucks sold in North America.

The R250F is specially designed for precise handling and excellent traction for refuse and construction service. Its design includes five ribs, tough tread compound and solid shoulder ribs to resist scrub, and sidewall protector ribs to minimize damage from curbing, cuts, and abrasions.

Mack also recently selected the R280 from Bridgestone as the standard tire for its Pinnacle highway model series. The R280 has improved wet traction, plus features to resist irregular wear and ensure long wear, high traction, and retreadability for drive axles.

E-mail John Walsh at [email protected] for more information.

Cold outside? Heat King's on the job inside

Thermo King presents the latest in freeze protection for temperature-sensitive cargo: the new Heat King unit.

This unit is a powerful, forced-air heating unit that works on the same basic principle as a car's heating system. A Tier-II, diesel-powered engine heats liquid coolant in a radiator coil while a powerful blower forces air across the coil and into the cargo area. The result is safe, efficient, dependable heat inside the trailer or container, no matter how cold it gets outside.

Heat King also features a belt-driven alternator that automatically recharges the unit's battery while the engine is running. To deliver the heat to the entire cargo area, the Heat King features a blower delivery system.

When operating on high speed, the Heat King delivers substantial heat output to protect cargo, even in the coldest of ambient temperatures. When temperatures moderate but remain below the desired product temperature, low speed provides the appropriate amount of heat output. For full details, e-mail Mike O'Brien at [email protected] for complete information.

Dunlop brand adds truck steer tire

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co's Dunlop brand has landed a new flagship steer tire for line-haul and regional trucking.

The new Dunlop SP384 steer tire, a mid-priced brand for dealer and select wholesale distribution, features enhanced casing, tread design, and pressure distribution groove technology to help lower cost-per-mile and more miles to removal. This new tire gives the brand a complete portfolio for long-haul applications, joining Dunlop's SP453 drive and SP181A trailer tires.

The SP384 steer tire, available in standard and low-profile sizes, will drive traction and even, more uniform wear. With 18/32-inch tread depth and five-rib construction, treadwear is optimized.

The tire's pressure distribution groove also helps eliminate shoulder wear, and lateral grooves, along with “pin blades” — serrations on the shoulder — that enhance traction.

The retreadable tire is backed by a five-year casing, two-retread maximum limited warranty. A special steer-tire-challenge package offers a free retread for new tires that fail to meet mileage requirements. E-mail Dave Wilkins at [email protected] for more information.

Willis APU keeps truck drivers cool, helps firms save cold cash

Auxiliary Power Dynamics, manufacturer of the Willis Auxiliary Power Unit, said the Willis APU keeps truck drivers and their companies from being slapped with hefty fines for idling their truck engines. It offers high cooling and heating capacity, and its three-cylinder, 18-hp Kubota engine makes it quiet, powerful, and inexpensive to maintain.

Standalone units use their own ducting, often taking up valuable space from the driver and providing air from only one vent. When technicians install the Willis APU, they hook up an exclusive fan drive system, which pulls an abundant amount of air across the truck's large condenser and radiator through the truck's own HVAC system ducting. So, the driver doesn't give up valuable personal space and the air blows from all of the vents in the truck, not just one.

Financing options are available, including a lease option that allows well-qualified fleets to get the Willis APU installed for little or no money down. Well-qualified fleets with certified technicians on staff may also be eligible to get Willis APU service training for those technicians so they can install and service the APUs at the company's maintenance facilities and avoid extended downtime.

For more details, visit or call 253-638-3145.

Alternators solve Ford 2G IAR difficulties

Engineered to address Ford 2G IAR alternator system problems, AIM has introduced its Xtreme 2G HDN Series alternator. The product overcomes overheating and power failure issues with a dual internal fan, upgraded frame design, an improved rotor and stator, and a newly designed rectifier. The alternator comes with a heavy-duty harness and 6mm battery post instead of the problematic factory harness/BBS plug.

For more information, visit

Phillips to supply gladhands to Heil Trailer

Phillips Industries has been chosen by Heil Trailer International to supply extreme environment gladhands, which are capable of meeting the demanding requirements of Heil's severe-duty military trailers.

For more strength, durability, and corrosion resistance to hold up in tough conditions, design features of Phillips Service and Emergency gladhands include stainless steel connector plates, gold chromate steel detent plates riveted to the powdercoated body, and e-coated screws. Phillips' polyurethane gladhand seal with dust flap and stainless steel screens offer additional protection against debris entering the gladhand. Part numbers for the severe-duty gladhands are 12-008450- red for emergency and 12-006450- blue for service.

E-mail Travis Hopkey at [email protected] for complete details.

Teflon hose, couplings can stand the heat

Kurt Hydraulics now offers Teflon hose and couplings for rugged and high-heat installations. The Teflon hose features reinforced stainless steel braid with white extruded Teflon inner tube, meeting SAE 100 R14 specifications. This hose withstands temperatures from -65° F up to +450° F, plus resists corrosive fluids and vibrating environments. Diameters range from 3/16- to 1-inch ID with corresponding 0.312- to 1.135-inch OD. Rated water pressure for Kurt's Teflon hose ranges up to 3,000 psi with minimum burst pressure up to 12,000 psi. No skiving is required with this hose.

Kurt also offers a full range of Teflon hose couplings and sizes. Nine different styles are available including JIC female 45° swivel in 21 different sizes, 90° and 45° tube swivel styles in more than 16 sizes each, and O-face seal versions, plus many others in a full range of sizes.

E-mail [email protected] for more information.

Onboard liquid-filledload scales provided

Right Weigh Inc is announcing its launch of liquid-filled, calibrating onboard load scales. This new line of scales allows for flush and fully exposed gauge mounting.

Measuring and reading in actual weight (pounds, not psi), these weathertight analog gauges contain low-viscosity silicone that prevents corrosion and absorbs vibration and pressure spikes. The gauge has an operating temperature range of -40° to 140° F and is vented to prevent altitude and temperature from affecting its accuracy.

These patented load scales use on-the-face calibration for customized accuracy, ensuring correct weight readings within 250 pounds or better. Available with either a 2½" or 4" dial face, the liquid-filled line includes applications for single, tandem, and tri-axle configurations.

E-mail Scott McCulloch at [email protected] for complete details.

DataTrak protocol expands universe for telematics providers of Carrier units

As the trucking industry makes greater use of GPS services and telematics for fleet management, practical new uses are being employed for refrigeration equipment. A new third-party protocol for Carrier Transicold refrigeration unit controllers is expanding the universe of telematics providers that offer services compatible with equipment by Carrier, a business unit of United Technologies Corp.

The growing list of telematics providers offering services compatible with Carrier's DataTrak protocol includes:

  • Qualcomm Inc
  • StarTrak LLC
  • Terion Inc
  • PAR Logistics Management Systems
  • Satamatics Ltd
  • InterLink Logistics Technologies

DataTrak is a software upgrade for Carrier's truck and trailer unit controllers that allows microprocessor information to be extracted via the providers' telematics systems.

E-mail Anthony D'Angelo at [email protected] for more details.

Dual-temp container refrigeration system

Carrier Transicold has introduced the ThinLINE DT container refrigeration system for dual-temperature capability.

ThinLINE DT can split a container into two variable-size compartments, each with different temperature requirements. It can alternately cool one compartment and freeze another, or it can refrigerate one compartment and heat the other.

The benefits are better container utilization and lower shipping costs. Instead of shipping two partial loads requiring different temperatures in separate containers, they can be shipped within a single 40-foot-high cube container. The container can even be operated as a single-compartment unit.

The front compartment delivers the standard frozen/perishable setpoint range of -22° to 86° F when multi-temp mode is not activated. The range is from -22° to 30° F when operating in multi-temp mode. The rear compartment offers a perishable-only range of 28° to 70° F.

Digital displays on the ThinLINE DT unit's MicroLink controller toggle between readings for the front or rear compartment so operators can program and monitor both from a single control.

An insulated movable bulkhead partitions the container into two sections. The bulkhead slides along a track and adjusts six feet from center in either direction. This means the compartment can be divided into two 20-foot compartments or into two compartments of variable size up to a 14-ft/26-ft combination.

E-mail Anthony D'Angelo at [email protected] for more details.

Waytek offers power distribution modules

Waytek has added the Power Relay Module and Power Fuse Module to its line of electrical wiring supplies.

The Power Relay Module contains two new female fuse positions and a sealed 70-amp relay (included). One of these fuses protects the relay, and the other is a single-circuit inline fuse. It is available with or without an output connector and works with the JCASE cartridge style fuses.

The Power Fuse Module holds only two fuses, each a separate circuit. A silicone seal and removable cover offer a weathertight enclosure for the fuse positions. For more information, e-mail [email protected].

N500 Series aids hose-handling efficiency

Hannay's N500 Series high-pressure spring rewind reel is designed for efficient hose handling in applications such as hydraulics, air/water, and chassis grease. A compact frame and narrow base promote ease of installation and location.

The N500 handles single 1/4-inch or 3/8-inch-ID hose. It features a heavy-duty spring motor with self-contained rewind power, and a four-way roller assembly. A non-sparking ratchet assembly locks the reel at the desired length of hose payout, and a pull on the hose unlocks the reel for the spring motor to retract it. A declutching arbor is also included to prevent damage from reverse winding.

The standard N500 operates at pressures to 10,000 psi (689 bar) and can manage product temperatures from -20° to +225° F (-29° to +107° C). Standard inlet is 90° swivel joint with 1/4-inch female NPT threads, and standard outlet is female 1/4-inch NPT threads.

E-mail Ed Rash at [email protected] for more information.

Boydstun systems benefit auto haulers

Two innovations developed and patented by Boydstun Metal Works are available on the company's ST9100 line of auto haulers. The soft-tie and screw actuator systems have been designed to improve transportation of automobiles for OEMs, carriers, drivers, car dealers, and retail customers.

Screw actuator technology offers several advantages over conventional cylinder technology. By using the hydraulically powered screw actuator unit, the requirement to pin the decks is eliminated. This can save operators up to 48 separate steps in loading and unloading. Also, because there is no need to pin the decks, the driver can operate safely from the curbside of the hauler rather than adjacent to lanes of traffic.

Due to the configuration of screw technology-equipped trailers, cargo damage can be reduced and operational safety can be improved. There are fewer braces and deck supports than on cylinder equipped trailers, giving the operator more room to load and unload vehicles. This cleaner design decreases the risk of cargo damage and provides a less stressful work environment for the operator.

With screw actuator trailers and head racks, climbing on equipment to secure cargo is virtually eliminated. Trailer decks can be lowered to a position where drivers can secure cars keeping both feet on the ground and out of traffic lanes.

Because the Boydstun soft-tie system secures a car to the trailer via a strap placed over the tire, cargo damage is reduced versus traditional chain-and-hook securing methods.

To secure a car to a trailer using the soft-tie system, the vehicle must be secured using straps on two wheels. This can be done from the curbside of the hauler. The soft-tie system requires no more than 30 pounds of force to secure a vehicle.

E-mail Mark Mecklem at [email protected] for further information.

Tarp Spool Housing improves tarping for chip trailers up to 53 feet long

Roll-Rite is introducing a new high-capacity Tarp Spool Housing, allowing the company to offer a front-to-rear tarping system that solves common tarping problems of chip-hauling trailers up to 53 feet long. Chip hauling requires a tarp fabric that breathes enough and is heavy and wide enough to lay flat (even on heaped loads) and prevent debris from escaping.

Commonly used side-flip style tarp systems are not available with the wider tarps required for heaped loads. Plus, this style of tarp system has many parts that can obstruct the loading zone and are in harms way of loading equipment. On traditional front-to-rear arm-style tarp systems, getting the heavier, bulkier tarps required for these large chip trailers to lay flat to prevent refuse from escaping has been a challenge for three reasons: 1) they are too bulky for most typical tarp rolls, 2) they're too heavy for many tarp motors to rollup, and 3) they're too heavy for most tarp pivot springs.

The Roll-Rite system solves all of these problems by incorporating a new high-capacity Tarp Spool Housing, the Roll-Rite Super Duty gear motor, a patented tarp arm design (with 8-12 spring underbody pivot), and tarps constructed with heavy Super Tough Mesh tarp fabric that lays flat even on heaped loads.

The Tarp Spool Housing is attached to the trailer bulkhead, and the tarp system arms sit below the top rail, so the system provides a completely clean trailer top rail and clear loading zone. This housing is also designed to be roomy enough to hold Roll-Rite's Pleated Tarp design, a tarp expanding up to 10 feet wide to cover heaped chip loads.

Roll-Rite's standard full tarp spool housing for general truck and trailer applications holds up to 30 feet of Super Tough Mesh. The new high-capacity Tarp Spool Housing can hold up to 57 feet of Super Tough Mesh and up to 46 feet of Pleated Super Tough Mesh.

E-mail Cindy Cook at [email protected] for more information.

WABCO offers two-stage air compressor

WABCO has launched a new two-stage air compressor designed to enhance overall air system performance and service life for trucks, buses, and agricultural vehicles.

Nikhil Varty, vice-president-WABCO Compression & Braking, said, “By reducing oil degradation and oil carryover into the vehicle's air system, the compressor helps keep air system components, such as valves and air dryer cartridges, in service longer. The new compressor can therefore reduce both the risk of unexpected vehicle downtimes and overall vehicle maintenance costs.”

Development partner DAF is the first truck manufacturer to offer WABCO's new two-stage compressor as standard with the new DAF MX engine.

Other compressor features include a stable mono-block crankcase construction and a steel crankshaft, as well as WABCO's power reduction system that reduces power drainage during the off-load phase. An optional relief valve, integrated into the cylinder head, provides protection against excessive pressure.

Access for more details.

LACM can reduce axle deployment times

Norgren GVT has developed a chassis-mounted Lift Axle Control Module that can be configured to specific system requirements and is durable enough to withstand harsh working conditions off-road. By using brake-style relay valve technology that maximizes airflow, the LACM can reduce lift axle deployment times.

Manufacturers can pre-plumb new trucks to accommodate the LACM. The device will also be available in the aftermarket for operators who want to retrofit their trucks.

The LACM is a single device containing an integrated solenoid valve and all of the ports required to control the axle. Included are a single main air supply port, two load air spring delivery ports, two lift air spring delivery ports, and a single regulated supply port. A pressure gauge port is optional.

The LACM, which will be commercially available later in 2007, uses a “poppet” style valve that is more durable and reliable than other valves, and the LACM can be outfitted to the user's lift axle configuration and operating requirements.

E-mail [email protected] for further details.

Hotsy detergents thrive under high pressure

Hotsy has introduced a new line of concentrated Powder Pack Detergents suitable for use with high-pressure washers. These detergents produce five gallons of detergent when mixed with water, making this product suitable for smaller-scale cleaning projects.

Powder Pack Detergents come in five varieties: Truck & Car Wash, General Purpose Cleaner; Driveway & Concrete Cleaner, Deck & Fence Cleaner, and House & Siding Wash. All these detergents are biodegradable. Each is equipped with Hotsy's Continuous Clean Additive (HCC) which helps protect the pressure washer by preventing lime and soap build-up. HCC also contains rust and corrosion inhibitors to protect metal surfaces being washed.

Each detergent is packaged in an inner film pouch that self-dissolves in water. Simply remove the detergent from the exterior polybag, and drop the contents in a five-gallon bucket. Add water from a garden hose, and the force of the water dissolves the film and detergent. Place the detergent injector pickup line from a pressure washer into the bucket, and the user is ready to clean.

Powder Pack Detergents are designed for use in either hot water or cold water pressure washers. E-mail Robin Paul at [email protected] for complete information.

Spectrum SB includes SR-2 controller

Thermo King has launched the Spectrum SB multi-temperature system with SmartReefer2 (SR-2) controller for trailers.

With the SR-2 controller with enlarged display screen, users can easily view cargo temperature and system set point value. All temperature zones are viewed simultaneously, which allows for quick unit checks in the yard. Clear text messages, along with codes, are viewable, and customers have the option to choose between 22 language settings.

The Spectrum SB trailer unit achieves temperature balance in up to three different zones with various configuration possibilities. Remote evaporators make each temperature zone act like an individual trailer.

EMI-3000, Extended Maintenance Interval, includes a special 12,000-hour coolant and high-grade mineral oil to extend service life. In addition, maintenance costs are reduced by up to 45 percent, engine life is extended, environmental impact is reduced due to less spillage and waste, and clean up and disposal costs are lowered.

Optional rear remote control and electronic door switches are available. The hybrid Model 50 units offer electric-to-diesel-switching as standard. All Spectrum SB models come standard with Whisper quiet technology and feature biodiesel-compatible engines.

E-mail Mike O'Brien at [email protected] for full information.

Minimizer deflector keeps bugs at bay

Spray Control Systems Inc, manufacturer of Minimizer poly truck fenders and accessories, is offering its latest product, the Minimizer Bug Deflector.

This product is made using a composite poly material and is available in a variety of colors including chrome. Like all Minimizer products, it carries a lifetime warranty for manufacturer defects.

With a quick bolt-on design, each Minimizer Bug Deflector is individually designed to fit various manufacturers' models including Freightliner, International, Kenworth, Mack, Peterbilt, Volvo, and Western Star.

Visit for more details.

Tool simplifies rear brake replacement

Brake pads wear out, and eventually they must be replaced. Springs hold these pads in place, and these springs can be difficult to reattach when replacing the pad/shoe of the brake. This process becomes even more difficult when replacing brakes on a truck or piece of heavy equipment.

Heavy Duty Rear Brake Spring Installer for Trucks and Equipment, a new invention, is a tool that makes reattachment of the front return spring a much easier operation.

Additional information can be obtained by contacting Marc and Sarah Horsman, 1710 Cody Dr, Billings MT 59105.