Optronics intros temp-sensitive heated lighting

Dec. 19, 2023
Highly efficient and microprocessor-controlled, the new LED lamps monitor ambient temperature and turn heating functions on and off as weather conditions change

Optronics International recently released its TLL75 Series LED flood beam work lights and STL13 Series 4-inch round LED stop, turn, and tail light. Also available with an amber lens, the TLL75 Series LED flood beam work light is less reflective in snowy conditions.

A feature of Optronics’ new lamps is the way in which they heat. In most heated lamps on the market, filaments are embedded in the lenses, like rear-window defrosters. Optronics’ heated lamps begin the heating process at the core of the lamp, at the level of the circuit board. Heat then radiates throughout the lamp, quickly warming the entire body and housing.

“Unlike many other lamps that are constantly ‘cooking’ themselves to death, our heating technology only comes on when necessary,” said Dustin Smith, Optronics VP of sales. “Our lamps are smart, and our microprocessors are programmed to start heating only when temperatures begin dropping below 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius), in preparation for ice and snow, and as the environment warms again, they stop heating.”

A solid-state, surface-mount device design protects the electronics and heating elements of the TLL75 Series LED flood beam work lights and STL13 Series 4-inch round LED stop, turn, tail lights from moisture, shock, and vibration, according to the company. 

The lamps are designed to target commercial vehicles operating in a northern climate with harsh winters.

Visit www.optronicsinc.com for more information.