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Phillips Industries reveals interior corner lights for refrigerated trailers

Oct. 23, 2023
Ultra-bright Permalite Apex lights with optional motion-activated sensor are designed to be energy efficient and durable

Phillips Industries is unveiling Permalite Apex and Apex Motion interior corner lights for dry van and refrigerated trailers. The bright lights are designed to be energy efficient, built to withstand harsh trucking conditions, and work with optional passive infrared motion-sensors that activate with body heat.

The lights are manufactured with BoardFree technology that eliminates the need for a Printed Circuit Board (PCB), enhancing their resiliency against damage caused by liquids or chemicals. Additionally, the overmolded and BoardFree design resists corrosion, water, shocks, and impacts, and the lights meet IP67 and IP69K cleaning and safety standards. This includes being able to withstand the high-pressure and high-temperature washing and disinfecting necessary for fleets handling food-grade products.

“The development of our new corner lights is significant in continuing to offer our partners meaningful solutions,” said Dan Forthoffer, VP of corporate R&D. “It was important to us to get the IP69K rating. Many fleets need their equipment to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected without being damaged, to meet these rigorous standards, and we are happy to provide a durable solution for them.”

For added longevity, the Apex and Apex Motion are mounted in the interior upper corners of the trailer, placing them out of the way potential loading or unloading incidents. 

Each light has over 600 lumens and draws .5 amps of current, making it possible to put 10 or more lamps on a standard circuit. Additionally, the  Permalite Apex Motion’s sensor covers up to 120 degrees of movement and can trigger a 5-minute shutoff, automatically controlling the on/off function for single or multiple light modules wired in a series utilizing a plug-and-play design. The motion sensor has a maximum continuous current of 11 amps and overcurrent and over-voltage protection. The placement of the sensors is customizable to meet a fleet’s needs, and LED status lights indicate incoming power to the sensor as well as 12V output when motion is detected for easy setup.

The 14” light strip modules can easily be installed on new or existing equipment. There is no requirement for ceiling pans or conduit installation, and wiring can be hidden or exposed depending on the fleet preference.

“We are thoroughly impressed with the durability, efficiency, and functionality of these new corner lights,” said Steve Bennett, president and COO of Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company, which selected Permalite Apex and Permalite Apex Motion as standard for their refrigerated trailers. “We are always looking for innovative solutions, and we look forward to adopting this new technology, and watching it impact our bottom line."