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Ancra Cargo and Ancra Systems BV to consolidate

April 24, 2023
The consolidation will allow Ancra Cargo to penetrate a new market, which the company said will benefit customers by enhacning Ancra Cargo's research and development section.

Ancra Cargo will be consolidating with Ancra Systems BV, an automatic material handling supplier. Ancra Systems will consolidate its operations under Ancra Cargo to expand their North American infrastructure as well as improve awareness of their product lines and cargo technologies in Europe. The overall organization will be led by Ancra Cargo with existing Ancra Systems leadership running their strategy and operations.

“We are very excited to consolidate with Ancra Systems BV and for the opportunities that it will provide for each company,” said Larry Bethel, Ancra Cargo president. “This diversification of products and services will benefit customers long-term and offer new distribution channels to the industry.”

Each company will continue to maintain focus on its product line and leverage each other’s infrastructure to deliver solutions to local markets. Customers will continue to work through their existing contacts at each company and Ancra Systems will continue to do business under its brand, Ancra Systems BV.

With this consolidation, Ancra can now provide support to multiple geographic locations, allowing for more efficient processes and simplification of product development, including local service and support for U.S. customers.

Ancra Systems and Ancra Cargo are expected to consolidate on May 1, 2023. 

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