Yokohama At Xd

Yokohama releases Geolandar A/T XD work truck tire

March 22, 2023
The A/T XD is severe snow service-rated and will be available in 21 sizes ranging from 16"-20"

Yokohama Tire has recently launched its Geolandar A/T XD, a work truck tire engineered for full-size pickup trucks and commercial vans. The A/T XD is available in 21 sizes ranging from 16” to 20”, with more sizes coming later in the year, according to a company press release.

“The A/T XD is a tough, all-terrain tire that was built to take the punishment hard-working trucks and vans encounter every job site,” said Drew Dayton, Yokohama’s senior product planning manager of consumer tires.

The tire uses a 3-ply sidewall, full nylon cap, and high turn-up carcass to provide better traction and protection. The 3-ply sidewall is designed to protect from lateral impacts.

The A/T XD is severe snow service-rated (3PMSF) and is dotted with pin holes to allow the user to install #15 studs as an option for better winter traction. It also contains an "aggressive" tread design with wavy sipes for all-weather traction, according to the release.

The tire has a wide, flat profile to distribute wear evenly and features Yokohama's high-density compound with a high level of natural rubber intended to provide long tread life and enhance cut-and-chip resistance, according to the release.