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Parker Chelsea unveils new ePTOs

March 9, 2023
With the market moving toward battery electric technology, Chelsea is prepared to maintain its leadership position in the power take-off market.

INDIANAPOLIS—Parker Chelsea has responded to the increased interest in electrified work functions by engineering two integrated ePTO series that can be installed on either BEV or hybrid-electric vehicles. The e910 Series and the e970 Series are designed to maximize run time and optimize efficiency.

The Chelsea market-facing team performed extensive interviews with chassis OEMs, body builders, and end customers to understand their system requirements, including power, voltage, load, safety interlocks, space claim, and more, representatives explained from the Parker booth at The Work Truck Show. Based on this feedback, the integrated ePTO system was engineered to meet the customer needs, focused on right-sized power and optimal efficiencies.

“The voice of the customer continues to drive Parker Chelsea’s innovative designs into Electrified Work Trucks and ePTOs,” said Brian Rang, division engineering manager, Chelsea Products. “The industry is demanding high efficiency, compact design, ease of installation, as well as flexible speed and torque capabilities to extend the EV’s range. Parker Chelsea’s design will offer optimized motor efficiency through gearing, internal cooling, and integrated Parker drives.”

The internal cooling system is one of the key engineering breakthroughs of Chelsea ePTOs because it allows lubrication to flow throughout the ePTOs to keep all major subcomponents from overheating. The ePTOs also utilize gears which allow a higher 2 torque capacity while still housed within a more compact frame size than ever seen before in an ePTO.

Because of more stringent emissions regulations, chassis manufacturers have kicked their electric vehicle development into full gear. With the market moving toward battery electric technology, Chelsea is prepared to maintain its leadership position in the power take-off market.

“The trucking industry will play an integral role in reducing carbon emissions with the development of electric chassis,” said Emily Guerra, dvision marketing manager, Chelsea Products. “As a key player in the vocational truck market, Parker Chelsea continues to develop innovative products to serve our customers through this transformation of technology, starting with our new ePTO.”

By combining expertise from several Parker divisions, engineers have developed the ePTO series. From Parker’s Hydraulic Pump and Power Systems Division, Chelsea’s ePTOs utilize the Global Vehicle Motor (GVM), a power-dense motor which reduces the battery size requirements and extends vehicle range. The e910 Series ePTO features a highly efficient Denison Vane Pump that can be configured for multiple flow rates and pressures. The ePTOs feature a Global Vehicle Inverter (GVI) from the Electronic Motion & Controls Division.

“Electrification is certainly an exciting opportunity and Parker Hannifin is making significant investments across multiple divisions to bring innovative solutions to our customers,” said Mark Schmalz, general manager, Chelsea Products Division.