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Fontaine Modification offers new dual drive configuration

Jan. 31, 2023
The post-production vehicle modifier is offering a new version of its dual-drive configuration for operations, like refuse, that require drivers to be able to use both sides of the vehicle

Fontaine Modification, a provider of post-production truck services, has made available its International Premium Dual Drive modification for operations where drivers need the ability to operate from both the right and left sides of the truck.

The modification adds a right-hand drive station to International MV series medium-duty trucks and HV heavy-duty trucks, specifically for refuse, street sweeping, or road-striping operations, according to a press release. The modification also offers increased legroom, the company noted.

“Our engineers have worked hard to make the right-side driving position virtually identical to the ergonomics of the OEM left-side position,” said Jamil Young president of Fontaine Modification Medium & Heavy Truck Operations. “This helps drivers be as comfortable and productive as possible throughout their shifts.”

Fontaine performs the modification at its facility in Springfield, Ohio, near the International plant where MV and HV trucks are manufactured. The International Premium Dual Drive modification can be performed on new vehicles as part of Fontaine’s agreement with International.

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