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Thermo King Th 350

Thermo King launches ‘ultra-thin’ refrigeration unit

Jan. 4, 2023
New Thor-series TH-350 unit for refrigerated trailers features lightweight construction and user-friendly functions for ‘superior’ cold chain logistics performance.

Thermo King recently launched the “next-generation” TH-350, an all-in-one, ultra-thin electric transport refrigeration unit.

The new Thor-series unit is designed to deliver superior cold chain logistics performance through its innovative lightweight construction, reliable and consistent performance, and user-friendly functions, according to the manufacturer.

Specially designed for refrigerated trailers, the TH-350 is equipped with a full inverter scroll compressor and features a streamlined and compact structure, maximizing the overall energy efficiency of the unit to achieve rapid cooling from 30 degrees C down to 0 degrees C within 20 minutes, Thermo King said. Its precise temperature control to ±0.5 degrees C ensures tightly controlled freshness of the shipped product in transit.

“The TH-350, an all-in-one, ultra-thin electric refrigeration unit is the largest cooling capacity electric refrigeration unit launched by Thermo King Asia Pacific, marking a milestone in our innovation for electrification,” said Michael Shi, leader of product management and engineering for Thermo King Asia Pacific. “We hope that this product can support the health and safety of food for our customers with its more environmentally friendly, stable, and safe performance.

“We are committed to delivering all-electric models for all segments of cold chain logistics by 2023, along with fully electrified zero-emission solutions, and to eventually achieving universal electrification by 2050. To this end, Thermo King is working continuously to expedite our efforts to deliver electrified temperature control solutions. Going forward, we will commercialize a wide range of high-efficiency electric models as part of our ongoing innovation efforts to advance sustainable development in the cold chain market.”

Testing and temperature control

The TH-350 was subjected to stringent performance reliability testing, vibration testing, and validation of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analyses, the company said.

Simulation tests of extreme weather such as heavy rain and high temperature ensure the condenser can remain stable in operation when the vehicle is driven at speed. Installed with a full inverter scroll compressor, the unit has a cooling capacity range of 7 to 13 kW at an ambient temperature of 30 degrees C and can hold the setpoint temperature at minus-20 degrees C to 0 degrees C. The electronic expansion valve throttling device is employed to regulate the refrigerant volume precisely to achieve fast temperature pull down. At the same time, precise control of compressor frequency achieves ±0.5 degrees C setpoint accuracy to better maintain the condition of temperature-sensitive food or cargo while delivering superior energy efficiency.

Additional energy efficiency design considerations include a compact construction platform and lightweight construction to lessen the weight on vehicles for transportation, thereby reducing fuel consumption. The evaporator’s all-in-one insulated housing effectively prevents air or thermal leakage that can reduce capacity and efficiency.

Intelligent control and operation

The TH-350 adopts an all-around intelligent control solution in which the control panel incorporates a number of control modules and up to 30 built-in alarm reminders that ensure uninterrupted operation in case of minor failures. In particular, the compressor control module can secure precise cooling while supporting the overall operation of the compressor to ensure reliable operation in extreme ambient conditions, Thermo King said. The fan control module not only can regulate the fan, depending on the condensing pressure, but also control its speed, depending on the load size, to achieve efficient and low-noise operation. The EEV and defrost control modules enable variable overheat control and intelligent defrost while securing optimal operation of the unit under different working conditions. Also, the brushless fan has a service life of more than 30,000 hours, ensuring stable operation of the fan.

In addition to the multiple protections for operation, the TH-350 also is designed for simple maintenance. The easy-to-operate integrated control box saves time and effort for maintenance, while the pull-out fan assembly is designed for quick disassembly and cleaning, making it easy to complete maintenance.

Remote panel and “leapfrog” experience

The TH-350 also supports an optional cab remote panel, which can be used to remotely switch the unit on and off, change the set temperature, and manually defrost, Thermo King added. It also is equipped with the telematics module of the onboard level chip Arcon, which can record and track the operating data of the unit in real time, monitor the unit’s working status, fault code, and refrigerator return air temperature, making temperature control transportation more convenient. In addition, the onboard sensors can monitor the humidity and temperature of the cabin in real time to ensure freight remains in the best condition during transportation. The remote controller supports mobile 4G network and multiple communication modes, and provides remote GPS positioning and tracking for better user experience.