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20221119 113358
20221119 113358
20221119 113358
20221119 113358

Dorman releases new repair kits, including first-to-the-aftermarket products

Dec. 9, 2022
The Pennsylvania-based automotive and heavy-duty parts supplier recently released several new products before the year's end

While the commercial vehicle industry is finding solace from the parts shortage with creative parts acquisition, supply chain issues are from the pandemic are still causing headaches for body shops. To help shops work around the parts they can’t access and keep older vehicles running for longer periods, Dorman Products, Inc. has introduced 279 new light-, medium-, and heavy-duty vehicle repair parts and components. Of these parts, 135 are first-to-the-aftermarket repair products.

Included in Dorman’s latest release is an engine crankcase vent valve, or PCV assembly (No. 264-927), for Audi and Volkswagen vehicles. This kit includes parts to directly replace the valve as well as a new valve cover gasket and is one of the nine new valve covers that Dorman has released this month.

As well as this, Dorman also released a steering wobble kit (No. SWS96305RD) suited for JK Jeep Wranglers from 2007-2018. The kit offers three potential solutions for the ‘wobble’ caused by worn components in the original front suspension, which are meant to reduce the possibility of front-axle wobble. The kit includes upgraded ball joints with an oversized ball and grease fittings to replace worn-out originals, a redesigned track bar for the steering geometry, and a heavy-duty steering damper and quick-disconnect sway bar links for control and articulation.

Given the preponderance of sensors and computers aboard many commercial vehicles, it’s no surprise that Dorman introduced both a replacement coolant sensor (No. 924-5516XD) and repair solutions for electronics, electric vehicle (EV)/hybrid powertrains, and non-powertrains. The company stated that its replacement coolant sensor is suited for Mack refuse vehicles and more consistently and accurately monitors coolant levels with a magnetic float, increasing the swept area with a stainless steel shaft potted with epoxy.        

Meanwhile, Dorman introduced a door handle repair kit (No. 601-650) for 2012-2021 Tesla S vehicles which includes stronger and longer-lasting stainless steel paddle gear, a new microswitch, fasteners, and O-rings.

Finally, Dorman also recently released 20 new coil springs for many pickup trucks, SUVs, RVs, plow trucks, and vans along with an air suspension upfit repair kit (No. 949-044) for Ford F-150s. These kits include air springs with substantial a substantial internal coil spring and all the necessary components for installation without the need to drill or weld.            

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