Image: Grote Industries
Antonio Leal, General Manager, Grote Industries de Mexico; Dominic Grote, President and CEO, Grote Industries; Lic. Hector Morales, Secretary of Town Hall, Apodaca, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

Grote Industries expands in Apodaca, Mexico

Dec. 9, 2022
The Indiana-based company has expanded its footprint to increase its efficiency, reduce costs, and operate safe, environmentally friendly facilities.

Grote Industries is expanding its engineering design center and production facility, Grote Industries de Mexico, in Apodaca, Mexico.

In addition to expanding its design and engineering center with this new investment, manufacturing space has grown by more than 50% to accommodate new production and shipping capacity, the company stated.

“The expansion of Grote Industries de Mexico underscores Grote’s ongoing commitment to embrace new opportunities and create the kind of industry-leading products that customers around the globe have come to rely on,” said Dominic Grote, president and CEO of Grote Industries.

Grote’s investment in its operations in Mexico will enable the company to be more competitive and better serve its customers in an increasingly challenging market. As a major player in the transportation industry’s safety and visibility markets, Grote’s North American locations in Mexico, the United States, and Canada play a critical role in the company’s success. These vertically integrated facilities allow Grote to smoothly navigate supply chain issues, efficiently assemble products at multiple locations, and quickly ship them to customers worldwide.

“At a local level, Grote Industries is deeply committed to providing great jobs and a professional work environment to our team in Apodaca,” said Antonio Leal, General Manager of Grote Industries de Mexico. “The expansion of Grote Industries de Mexico will ensure that our capacity for innovative product development and production is able to grow along with our customers’ needs well into the future.”

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