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Firestone Classics 002 62d1925653000
Firestone Classics 002 62d1925653000
Firestone Classics 002 62d1925653000
Firestone Classics 002 62d1925653000
Firestone Classics 002 62d1925653000

Bridgestone adds 3 new tires to Firestone Classics long-haul product line

July 18, 2022
The lineup includes steer, drive, and trailer radials. All three Firestone Classics feature optimized belt packages to provide durability and retreadability while reducing weight

Bridgestone Americas has introduced a new line of long-haul tires into the Firestone Classics line: The Firestone FS509 (steer radial), FD609 (drive radial), and FT409 (trailer radial) tires, according to a press release.

“The Firestone Classics product line gives our small and medium fleets access to premium, high-quality, and retreadable products from an iconic American brand at an affordable price point,” said Chris Tavares, executive director of commercial truck group marketing at Bridgestone Americas. “We are thrilled to be able to expand the Firestone Classics line of tires that deliver value for our customers and fleets without compromising on performance.”

The Firestone FS509, a steer radial, features:

  • Shoulder-wear protector to help minimize irregular wear at the shoulder ribs for long tread life.
  • Stress relief sipes to fight irregular wear along main ribs by absorbing rib edge stresses in the footprint.
  • Continuous shoulder rib for long, even wear and reduced rolling resistance.

The Firestone FD609, a drive radial, features:

  • Solid shoulder rib to distribute weight and torque evenly to fight irregular wear.
  • Aggressive center lugs to help improve traction in wet or dry conditions for the life of the tread.
  • Tie bars to control movement of center tread blocks to help minimize irregular wear, leading to longer original tread life.
  • Multiple gripping edges to provide biting edges that help promote wet traction.

The Firestone FT409, a trailer radial, features:

  • Straight, flow-through grooves to promote smooth rib-wear patterns and evacuate water effectively for solid wet traction.
  • Fuel efficient tread design, utilizing shallow trailer-style tread depth and five-rib design to provide long even wear on free-rolling axles while achieving low rolling resistance.

All three Firestone Classics feature an optimized belt package, providing durability and retreadability while reducing weight for improved rolling resistance and payload. The tires feature tough sidewall protection with thick ribs on both sidewalls, which fight curbing damage and help protect the casing. Meanwhile, the FT409 trailer radial provides 17% improved rolling resistance when compared to its predecessor. All three Firestone Classics are backed by a Bridgestone’s 90 Day Buy & Try Guarantee.

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