Conmet Preset Plus

Meritor, ConMet to work together on zero-emissions reefer trailer systems

March 15, 2022
New collaboration to include development of purpose-built trailer suspensions and brakes, and tire inflation utilizing the PreSet Plus eHub.

Meritor recently agreed to collaborate with ConMet to develop purpose-built trailer suspensions and brakes, as well as tire inflation systems to work with ConMet’s PreSet Plus eHub.

This system will enable production of zero-emissions refrigerated trailers, the companies said. To deliver this electrified trailer solution, Meritor is redesigning its trailer suspension and drum brake, including a specifically engineered spindle package to be compatible with ConMet’s eHub. The companies also will continue to jointly evaluate the application of complementary advanced technologies that address evolving e-mobility market trends.

“This agreement with ConMet eMobility demonstrates our focus on the future of advanced transportation technology and is another example of an eOptimized product solution by Meritor that brings tire management and zero-emission solutions to the commercial vehicle industry,” said Saad Malik, general manager for front drivetrain and trailer at Meritor. “We are pleased to work with an industry leader like ConMet to deliver the next generation of products to commercial transportation.”

Added Marc Trahand, vice president and general manager of ConMet eMobility: “ConMet identified refrigerated trailers as the first application for its electrification solution, utilizing in-wheel motors to enable zero-emission refrigeration. However, ConMet’s eHub system provides design flexibility as a building block for a variety of applications in the commercial vehicle market.

“We are proud to partner with Meritor and combine our innovation and industry expertise as we continue our mission of providing zero-emission solutions worldwide.”