Mesilla Valley Transportation

MVT Solutions shares testing results of next-generation fairing

March 5, 2022
The NextGen EkoStinger, a one-piece aerodynamic fairing for Class 8 tractor trailers, achieved a fuel savings of 5.72 gallons per 1,000 miles or 5.30% in on-vehicle tests

Mesilla Valley Transportation Solutions, a provider of fuel economy testing and design and development services for the trucking industry, announced test results for The NextGen EkoStinger, an aerodynamic fairing for Class 8 tractor-trailers. It is a one-piece design made with polyethylene that sits underneath the trailer in front of the rear wheels and slides with varying tandem positions. Testing in November 2021 demonstrated that the technology resulted in a fuel savings of 5.72 gallons per 1,000 miles or 5.30%.

“Obviously we got a really good number with MVT Solutions, 5.30%,” said A.J. Edwards, CEO of EkoStinger. “Fleets like to look at on-vehicle test results to help them make their product purchase decisions, and we know that MVT Solutions has a good reputation in the industry. We know that fleets use MVT Solutions results to help make their purchase decisions.”

Tests were conducted on 2019 International LT 625 with Cummins X15 15L engines and Eaton Endurant 12-speed automated manual transmissions pulling 53’ Hyundai dry vans. A baseline test was run without the aerodynamic NextGen EkoStinger on the trailer and then the aerodynamic device was installed, and the test runs again. Note: The EkoStinger used in the test was a prototype unit.

“NextGen obviously implies that there was a prior generation of this product” Edwards explained. “We have redesigned the product and it performed significantly better than our prior generation product, which itself was still a great product with good fuel economy savings.”

The new unit is two feet shorter from tip to tail and weighs less than its predecessor. The bottom of the new model is partially open allowing a sightline to the bottom of the trailer and easier access for inspection.

According to Daryl Bear, lead engineer and chief operating officer at MVT Solutions, “The fuel economy improvement of 5.72 gallons per 1,000 miles (5.30%) is a substantial fuel saving, which is comparable in magnitude to well-performing trailer skirts.”

The full report can be downloaded here.