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KEITH launches updated website

Jan. 13, 2022
The website has been redesigned to focus on the company's manufacturing expertise and customer-driven innovations

KEITH Manufacturing Co. recently launched its updated website, redesigned to focus on its manufacturing expertise and customer-driven innovations.

Manufacturing nearly all the components that go into making a WALKING FLOOR system provides KEITH with quality control measures that ensure the superior performance of its equipment, according to the company.

“Our customer-focused value stream teams manage the manufacturing process from initial design to final assembly,” says Lindsay Foster-Drago, president of KEITH Manufacturing Co.

In trailers equipped with KEITH WALKING FLOOR systems, a series of hydraulically driven floor slats horizontally “walk” material out the rear of the trailer, providing a safer unloading system than dump trailers.

“Our products are custom engineered and built to provide the greatest ROI for our customers,” Foster-Drago said. “That has remained our goal since the beginning.”

For more information on KEITH WALKING FLOOR systems, visit the new website at