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ASSA ABLOY introduces automated reefer door solution

Sept. 11, 2021
The MD2000 is designed to help streamline the food delivery process and assure a constant temperature and humidity barrier for reefer interiors

The revolutionary ASSA ABLOY MD2000 automated reefer door opens quickly, electronically senses the presence of workers and cargo passing through, and quickly closes once the passage is clear. The door is designed to help streamline the food delivery process and assure a constant temperature and humidity barrier for reefer interiors.

Until now, fleets and workers hauling refrigerated loads have had to contend with curtain-style barriers after opening exterior doors on refrigerated trucks and trailers. Often comprised of heavy, vertical strips of plastic, the curtains can create friction points for workers, reducing the working dimensions of the opening.

“During the early field research phase of the MD2000’s development, we observed countless situations where workers tied or otherwise lodged the strips out of the way, leaving the door without any atmospheric barrier during unloading,” said John Zimmerman, sales manager for ASSA ABLOY High Performance Doors. “In many cases, we saw that the curtains had been compromised by being cutback or cutoff all together, in order to make passage less cumbersome, thereby exposing cargo to the outside environment and potential contaminants.”

The ASSA ABLOY MD2000 automated reefer door can be easily installed on the face of a reefer’s interior wall by OEMs or retrofit on existing trailers within just a few hours, according to the access solutions specialist. The system comes with its own plug-and-play modular wiring harness kit, and all cables and connectors remain accessible at the point-of-use, for easy service and maintenance. 

“The ASSA ABLOY MD2000 automated reefer door is far superior to curtain-style barriers, because when open, the entire 42-inch to 50-and-one-half-inch-wide doorway space remains obstacle free, and when closed, the door creates a tight seal around its entire periphery,” said Zimmerman. “With the push of an interior- or exterior-mounted button, the door opens and closes automatically within seconds, once the system’s electronic photo eye confirms that the passage is clear.”

A flashing red LED light signals in advance when the door is preparing to close. The door’s closing cycles can even be custom programed between 0 and 90 seconds. Once closed, the secure barrier only opens for authorized personnel to prevent theft and intentional adulteration.

The flexible door features a large clear window panel and a soft bottom edge, and retracts if it encounters any resistance, protecting delivery workers and eliminating potential damage to cargo. A breakaway design allows the door to be pushed open in the case of emergencies or an accidental collision, and the door can easily be placed back in operational position in moments.

The ASSA ABLOY MD2000 automated reefer door effortlessly reduces interior temperature variability during frequent stops, keeping food safer. By significantly reducing the time it’s open, the door prevents humidity from entering the refrigerated space, inhibiting condensation, vision-diminishing fog and dangerous surface ice from forming on floors.

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