Kinedyne Reflective Veeboards

Kinedyne offers new reflective VeeBoards

Aug. 10, 2021
Non-electrical, bright-plastic cargo corner protectors are designed to increase cargo and open-deck trailer visibility while also protecting load securement straps from sharp edges on cement, steel and wood

New reflective cargo corner protector VeeBoards fromKinedyne LLC increase safety by illuminating cargo strapped on an open-deck trailer, helping the trailer and load to be seen day or night.

These bright orange reflectors need no batteries but still emit a strong glow from the reflected light of oncoming traffic. VeeBoards are designed to help protect valuable cargo from damage caused by overtightening winch and ratchet straps, according to the company. Veeboards also protect load securement straps from sharp edges on cement, steel and wood, to help extend strap life. The heat-resistant corner protectors are effective in a wide range of temperatures and operating environments. The reflective 11-inch VeeBoards feature a stackable design that lets the VeeBoards sit atop each other in a neat and organized pile to easily be secured when not in use.

VeeBoards serve the needs of fleets and owner-operators with flatbed and curtainside trailers. They are commonly used by carriers serving the construction and building industries. VeeBoards are designed for loads such as shingles, windows, doors, drywall, and foam insulation that are prone to damage from load securement straps and other tie-down assemblies. The corner protectors are engineered to spread the load of a winch or ratchet strap over a wider area, eliminating pressure points which can mar or damage cargo.

“Reflective VeeBoards protect your cargo and straps while improving overall safety by making your trailers more visible, both when they’re running over the road and when they’re parked,” said Bob Dissinger, Kinedyne director of sales – United States.

Also new from Kinedyne are these VeeBoards kits:

  • VeeBoards Safety Kit. This 12-pack has 4 reflective and 8 standard VeeBoards bundled with an easy-carry handle.
  • VeeBoards 2Go Lite. A 12-pack of regular Veeboards with easy-carry handle. (The original VeeBoards 2Go pack still includes 20 VeeBoards.)

Invented in 1986, VeeBoards brand corner protectors have become the gold standard for their design, quality, durability, and effectiveness among fleets and owner-operators alike. VeeBoards are available through Kinedyne’s international distribution network, which includes thousands of outlets across North America. For more information about reflective VeeBoards, visit