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June 24, 2021
The relationship is billed as 'the perfect blend' of OEM-grade tools, best-in-class products and expert knowledge for flatbed trailer, truck and van body applications has partnered with Champion Cutting Tool Corp. to provide customers nationwide with the high-grade solutions needed to install and repair the hardwood flooring used in flatbed trailer, truck and van body applications, the companies report. These solutions now include Champion’s countersink and XL5 drill bits as well as’s full line of rough and shiplap solid hardwood truck flooring, laminated hardwood van body flooring, scuff liners, tie-down rails and supplies like the company’s premium-grade Apitong Oil wood finish.

“Champion is a leading manufacturer of premium cutting tools and an ideal partner for helping us meet the hardwood flooring needs of automotive customers,” saidBill Christou, a managing partner at “Through us, the transportation industry can now purchase everything necessary to maintain, repair and install hardwood flooring in their vehicle fleets. This relationship combines the perfect blend of OEM-grade tools, best-in-class products and expert knowledge.”

In addition to a complete line of flatbed trailer and van body flooring products and accessories, customers can now purchase Champion’s:

  • CSK18 82 Degree Countersink Drill Bit – An easily-sharpened, single-edged cutting tool with a chatterless finish that’s ideal for ensuring countersunk screws lie perfectly flat on hardwood trailer decks
  • XL5 7/32” & 9/32” Drill Bits – Available in 12 packs, these Brute Platinum Jobber drill bits outperform standard cutting tools by penetrating faster than cobalt, ensuring lower fatigue levels and holding a sharp cutting edge for faster, longer drilling

“We currently offer thousands of products ranging from twist drills to circular saw blades engineered to accommodate the high-end tooling needs of users with safe, long-lasting results,” said Allison Frey, Champion Cutting Tool Corp. marketing manager “This partnership not only greatly streamlines truck and trailer flooring applications, but also provides customers with a one-stop approach to a variety of premium solutions.”

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