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Fontaine Fifth Wheel launches training studio

Feb. 12, 2021
The videos and live events will feature product demonstrations, maintenance training, sales training—anything related to fifth wheels

Fontaine Fifth Wheel has completed an in-house live video streaming studio that was designed with the Fontaine customer in mind.

“Our vision is simple: We want customers to have real time access to fifth wheel experts at Fontaine,” Buck Buchanan, president of Fontaine Fifth Wheel, said. “The videos and live events we host will feature product demonstrations, maintenance training, sales training and really just about any subject related to fifth wheels; there is no limit to the possibilities.”

If you would like to partner with Fontaine to enhance your training program, visit and complete the brief online form. It only takes a minute to submit your request, and then a Fontaine Fifth Wheel expert will contact you to determine which studio solution best fits your needs.

“Partnering with our customers to design and produce custom training spots will not only make training programs more effective, but it will also maximize fifth wheel performance,” added Paige Petroni, VP Sales and Marketing.

For more information about the Fontaine Fifth Wheel studio, products and support, contact Fontaine Customer Service at 800-874-9780 or email [email protected].