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Lh L24 J Alternator 6x6

LoadHandler L24 available in 24V, 70-amp model

Jan. 25, 2021
New drop-in replacement alternator offers reliable performance for medium- and heavy-duty applications

The LoadHandler Power Products starter and alternator family has expanded its portfolio with the introduction of a new 24V, 70-amp version of LoadHandler Power L24 alternator. This drop-in replacement alternator is engineered to match OE specifications for appearance, fit and function, and offers an affordable alternative to rebuilt units. It is an ideal solution for a variety of industrial, construction and agricultural applications, according to the supplier.

“Whether they are used on harvesters, wheel loaders or other medium or heavy duty applications, the 24-volt L24 alternator is built to improve performance, increase vehicle uptime and help extend service life,” says Jonathan Smith, assistant director of sales and marketing, Prestolite. “It represents an important extension of our LoadHandler product family, providing an efficient and affordable option to a broad range of industries.”

Features of the new L24 alternator include:

  • 24V, 70-amp output
  • 100% new, no core J-180 hinge mount with 4 pin regulator
  • Dual internal fan design – maintains optimum bearing temperature during operation and minimizes heat damage for longer service life
  • Durable brushed design – provides consistent, reliable performance in a wide range of operating conditions
  • Fully and stringently performance-tested – helps ensure durability and performance
  • Heavy duty bearing, rectifier and diodes – helps increase service life and improve performance in extreme operating environments; and
  • One-year parts warranty

Additional LoadHandler starters and alternators for these critical performance markets, as well as over-the-road trucks, emergency vehicles, school buses, light-duty fleet trucks and more can be found at www.LoadHandlerProducts.com.