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Aperia selects Fontaine as preferred installer of Halo system

Nov. 19, 2020
Fontaine will offer Halo and Halo Connect installation, before trucks ship to the dealers, at all 10 of its modification centers, which are located by truck OEM manufacturing facilities across the country

Aperia Technologies Inc. has designated Fontaine Modification as a preferred installer of its Halo Tire Inflator and Halo Connect technology. Fontaine Modification will provide North American customers with a complete automatic tire inflation system to reduce tire-related downtime and improve fuel efficiency.

“Fontaine Modification has installed the Halo Tire Inflator on thousands of vehicles over the past two years,” said Josh Carter, CEO of Aperia Technologies. “This expanded agreement allows fleets to have our full product suite installed via Fontaine’s impressive network.”

According to Aperia, the Halo’s automatic tire inflation system for trucks and trailers that installs in minutes has been used in heavy-duty trucks since 2015 and has covered more than 20 billion cumulative miles. Introduced in 2019, Halo Connect is a connectivity platform that enables fleets to virtually eliminate unplanned tire-related downtime by pairing predictive alerts with active inflation.

“As a company dedicated to fleet efficiency and environmentally sustainable fleet management, we are pleased to support installation of Halo and Halo Connect as the leading tire inflation solutions for tractors and trailers in North America,” said Jamil Young, president of Fontaine Modification Medium and Heavy Truck Operations Division.