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Buyers Products offers new WideOpen Class 8 step boxes

Sept. 8, 2020
Buyers’ all new step boxes feature an extra wide opening lid to provide spacious, accessible storage for tractor trailers.

Buyers Products WideOpen Class 8 Step Boxes provide spacious, accessible storage for tractor trailers. The lid of each box opens extra wide, allowing users to stow larger items and easily reach  tools and equipment. The boxes feature .125 in. thick aluminum construction.

The design is heavy duty but light weight, making the boxes extremely durable without adding a lot of weight to the vehicle. The hinge and hardware are constructed of corrosion resistant stainless steel. An automotive bulb seal and diecast compression latch with covered key assembly keep water and dirt out of your box.

Replaceable grip strut steps provide superior traction in inclement weather and can be swapped out as they wear down.

Spec'ing details and dealer locations for the WideOpen line are available here.