Ken Tool Air Boss

Ken-Tool Air Boss pneumatic tool line now available

July 16, 2020
New line of impacts are a lightweight series built to provide enhanced strength and durability

Ken-Tool is offering the new Air Boss Pneumatic Tool Series, officially in stock and available through Ken-Tool’s distribution network.

The Air Boss line of impacts are a lightweight series made of a magnesium alloy built to provide enhanced strength and durability over traditional impact wrenches, Ken-Tool says. This exclusive design extends the life of the tool resulting in a lower cost of ownership. The ergonomic design is 20% lighter, reducing fatigue and making the impact more comfortable for all users and applications.

The Air Boss line of tools range in size. Micro Stubby impacts are part number 26402 with a 3/8” drive and number 26403 with a ½” drive. These weigh less than 2.5 lbs., while being capable of providing 400 ft. lbs. of takeoff force.

The Heavy-Duty impact has a 1” extended anvil (part number 26409) and weighs just 22 lbs. and provides 1,850 ft lbs. max torque, useful for larger projects that require additional power and durability.

Seven additional impacts are available as well, including: 

  • A Mini Stubby (26400, 26401), in 3/8” and ½” drive, with 450 ft lbs. max torque. 
  • A Traditional pistol style, ½” impacts, two of which are standard duty (26404, 26405) with 780 ft. lbs. max torque, while two are Heavy Duty (26406, 26407), providing 1,250 ft. lbs. max torque. Both the Traditional and Heavy Duty come in either a standard anvil or an extended anvil. 
  • Along with these tools, Ken tool offers an ¾” drive pistol style impact (26408), providing 1,325 ft. lbs. max Torque. 

 All these professional tools are ideal for mechanical and tire-service in the Automotive, Trucking, OTR, and Industrial fields, and have a one-year warranty, which will be serviced by Power Tool Repair, located in Akron, Ohio. 

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