Minimizer In Frame 011 Scaled E

Minimizer delivers in-frame tool box

July 7, 2020
New for the aftermarket, company’s 50-inch, frame-mounted offering saves space with convenient behind-cab location

Minimizer says the newest 50-inch tool box in its rapidly expanding line of poly tool boxes saves space through in-frame mounting.

“With increased environmental regulations, space is limited under the hood, and not everyone has room along the outside of the frame,” said Steven Hansen, Minimizer’s marketing director. “No matter what you need to store—whether it’s batteries or traditional tools—our in-frame tool box is located behind the cab and out of the way.”

Minimizer’s new in-frame box fits on 27- to 28.5-inch frames, and has clearance for the driveshaft built into the bottom of the box.

“Our engineering team put a lot of time and thought into this new product, thinking of every potential issue,” Hansen said. “And like all of our tool boxes, the in-frame box won’t rust, crack, break or need paint. Best of all, it comes with a lifetime guarantee.”

The Minimizer in-frame tool box can hold up to two Group-30 or -31 batteries, and comes exclusively in black.

“With frames being overwhelmingly black, the box will blend in nicely,” Hansen said.

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