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InterMotive introduces BOBe

March 20, 2020
Newly enhanced Break Out Box helps reduce compatibility issues with multiple devices using one CAN bus network

InterMotive Vehicle Controls recently augmented its Break Out Box multi-access hub for CAN bus connections.

The company said its newly enhanced BOBe helps reduce compatibility issues on the network.

Many aftermarket systems, including telematics, GPS and fuel monitoring solutions, obtain vehicle data through active CAN requests. When multiple devices request data at the same time, it can cause errors and vehicle malfunctions.

BOBe provides an auxiliary CAN network that passively acquires data and distributes it to all connected devices, which lets modules co-exist on the network without requiring changes, InterMotive maintained, helping minimize conflicting requests and, in turn, eliminate vehicle operational concerns.

With room for up to five devices, BOBe is a plug-and-play connection to the OEM chassis through the OBDII or a gateway connector, presenting a clean installation. BOBe currently is available on Ford, GM, FCA and medium-duty vehicles used in work truck and other applications.

Contact Marc Ellison at LGS Group, the master distributor for InterMotive products, at 775-831-2002, ext 201.

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