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CM Truck Beds highlights new products, options at WTS 2020

March 10, 2020
Oklahoma manufacturer reveals new partnership, T-handle compression latches, specialized contractor, crane bodies

Kingston OK-based CM Truck Beds revealed a new partnership with CTech Manufacturing for OEM-installed toolbox cabinets, debuted a new T-handle compression latch and showcased several new truck bodies during a trip to The Work Truck Show 2020.

CM said its new CTech cabinets, available as an option on any size TM or TMX body, are a “cutting-edge storage solution” for work truck users seeking maximum durability and functionality. The cabinets feature heavy-duty ball-bearing drawer sliders built to withstand years of heavy use and exposure to the elements.

The sliders open and close smoothly—even when drawers are weighted down with heavy loads of tools, fasteners or other items—using a one-hand, one-motion latch system. The integrated latch handles also optimize drawer depth, CM said. CTech cabinets feature a premium powder-coat finish, delivering long-lasting durability and head-turning shine. They are installed at the manufacturer using fastener assembly, which allows for easy repair or replacement of damaged parts or panels.

“We’re thrilled to bring CTech’s state-of-the-art approach to cabinetry to our work truck users,” said Joe Lewis, CM vice president. “CTech products are truly best-in-class, making them a perfect match for our best-selling TM beds.”

CM’s new T-handle compression latch offers improved weather protection and enhanced performance in the toughest conditions, the manufacturer said.

The design features a longer travel path, resulting in a tighter seal, a pressure-molded plastic tray that aids in rust and corrosion prevention, and an inlaid rubber seal that provides a consistent seal around the latch’s perimeter. As a result, items stored inside toolboxes are better protected from the elements, CM maintained.

CM’s new T-handle latch also features a heavy-duty offset stainless-steel handle for easy operation with a gloved hand, and a unique keyhole cover that prevents the key cylinder from freezing up in frigid temperatures.

“As we roll out the new latches across our lineup in spring 2020, we’re confident that our customers will appreciate this change and value the improved weather protection our toolboxes will provide,” Lewis said.

Finally, CM Truck Beds introduced a variety of specialized truck bodies, including the new CB Contractor Body, which looks similar to CM’s other flat-deck truck beds but comes standard with a set of deck-top toolboxes, as well as rear 24-inch stake panels for construction and commercial users to store and haul tools and equipment.

The CB model also comes equipped with a heavy-duty overhead materials rack for commercial users to haul ladders, scaffolding and materials.

CM also highlighted new Crane and Deluxe truck bodies.

The Crane Body, built in conjunction with Dakota Bodies, offers “the perfect marriage of heavy-duty functionality and affordability,” CM said. Equipped with an Auto Crane and a capacity of more than 6,000 pounds, the easy-to-maneuver unit is designed to lift and load heavy materials and equipment on the job site.

The new TM Deluxe 11-foot, 4-inch truck body boasts a new design on its original body chassis, and the 84-inch CA configuration now features a best-in-class 52-inch-wide toolbox with suicide doors, the company said.

The new towing-style service body, which comes equipped with B&W-rated hitches, gives commercial users the ability to have more storage for tools and components, while eliminating the need to open multiple toolbox doors for access. The wide box configuration also allows users to store longer tools, rather than leaving them out in the weather. 

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