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VIPAR HD unveils PARTSPHERE digital ecosystem, 3 platforms

Nov. 12, 2019
VIPAR Heavy Duty recently unveiled PARTSPHERE, its proprietary new digital ecosystem.

VIPAR Heavy Duty recently unveiled PARTSPHERE, its proprietary digital ecosystem, and the first three platforms within the technology suite.

The company said the launch of PARTSPHERE represents the next phase of its long-term strategy to deliver best-in-class technology and information-related solutions to support the organization’s network.

“The PARTSPHERE digital ecosystem provides robust technology to position VIPAR Heavy Duty as a leader within the heavy duty aftermarket,” said Chris Baer, president and CEO of VIPAR Heavy Duty. “The launch of these three initial platforms within the PARTSPHERE environment delivers ‘True Group Value’ today with technology solutions that will support our distributors, suppliers and end-user customers for the long-term.”

PARTSPHERE OMS, VIPAR Heavy Duty’s next-generation order management system, facilitates the electronic transmission of orders between distributors, suppliers and national fleet trading partners within the VIPAR Heavy Duty network. The new platform delivers increased efficiencies, enhanced reporting capabilities, improved accuracy and a stable environment for software expansion and continued growth, VIPAR claimed.

Since 1997, VIPAR Heavy Duty has supported its network with reliable electronic data interchange (EDI) solutions including VECS and v-Enterprise. PARTSPHERE OMS replaces the network’s existing v-Enterprise system.

“Our continued investment in EDI technology further strengthens the foundation of our overall technology strategy,” said Andrei Katibnikov, VIPAR’s vice president of information technology. “PARTSPHERE OMS and its EDI capabilities provide significant opportunities for enhanced automation, enabling businesses to focus on their operations and how to best serve their respective customers.”

New digital environments, expanding sales channels and changing customer and staff demographics magnify the need for enriched product content and a methodology to obtain, manage and distribute content effectively.

The launch of PARTSPHERE PIM, VIPAR Heavy Duty’s all-new product information management system, addresses the increasing demand for enhanced, rich product information. The centralized platform facilitates the storage, management and syndication of product data, specifications, packaging details and digital assets including images and support documents. Utilizing a web-based user interface, distributors are able to access product content sourced from a large number of heavy duty aftermarket suppliers, all within a single resource.  

“PARTSPHERE PIM ensures distributors have the information necessary to best represent the products and brands within our network so end-user customers are fully equipped to select the appropriate products for their needs,” said Jeff Paul, vice president of marketing for VIPAR. “By collaborating with our supplier partners, we are able to leverage economies of scale to execute at a high level and realize our investments in data as a strategic asset.”

VIPAR HD also recently launched PARTSPHERE CLOUD, a new web-based file sharing platform. Integrated with PARTSPHERE PIM, the application streamlines interactions with network partners, providing the ability to redistribute data and digital assets with increased network load distribution capabilities.

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