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Karmak delivering MOTOR's HD parts database to clients

Oct. 24, 2018
Karmak Inc recently partnered with MOTOR Information Systems to deliver FleetCross to its clients.

Karmak Inc, a provider of dealer management solutions for the heavy-duty industry, recently partnered with MOTOR Information Systems to deliver FleetCross to its clients, helping them “seamlessly” find the right part for their customers.

The FleetCross HD Parts XREF database contains 30 million records and half a billion cross-reference relationships, for all makes; OE and aftermarket.

The Karmak Fusion and MOTOR integration allows all users to access FleetCross to find equivalent parts for their customers quickly and easily without switching to another application, and then return the selected part to their Fusion workflow without having to manually key part numbers.

Karmak clients utilizing this integration no longer need to shuffle through parts information across all makes and manufacturers. FleetCross within Fusion shows which manufacturers provide a part to meet the customer’s needs, finds the part clients stock that is equivalent to what the customer asks for or completes a repair in the client’s shop, or helps them purchase a replacement part if their normal supplier is out of stock (or at a lower price).

“MOTOR Information Systems is delighted to announce an enhanced partnership with Karmak by integrating medium- and heavy-duty parts XREF data into Karmak Fusion,” said Jeff Nosek, executive vice president of revenue for MOTOR Information Systems.

“The integration of the XREF data will create a fully integrated user experience that will streamline the parts sale process. By partnering with a leading provider of business management solutions company like Karmak, both MOTOR and Karmak can provide a more robust interface for existing and future FleetCross and Fusion clients.”

Current Fusion users can enroll in the FleetCross Integration Program with Fusion Release 3.56, which is available in the field now.

“We’re very excited about this integration,” said John Lebel, director of strategic partnerships for Karmak. “The partnership between MOTOR and Karmak will give users broader access to the FleetCross database, all without having to leave the Fusion application. If you have Fusion, access to FleetCross is one click away.

“The less time our clients spend setting up and maintaining cross references and substitutions, the more time they have to focus on their customers. We’re in the business of helping Karmak clients get more out of their time and resources.”