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Superior Signals releases new LED Halo Module

July 5, 2018
Superior Signals recently added the LED Halo Module to its product line.

Superior Signals recently added the LED Halo Module to its product line.

This LED module offers two unique functions to increase equipment visibility to commuters and other equipment operators. The Halo module features 24 LEDs and 14 flash patterns. Six flashing/warning LEDs are located in the center of the module. The remaining 18 LEDs on the outer ring will turn on and remain on. 

With a voltage range of 12 to 24 DC, this LED module has an output of nine watts. The LEDs are rated to 100,000 working hours. 

The Halo Module is reverse polarity protected, weatherproof and vibration resistant, with non-volatile memory recall and multi-module synchronization. 

The 5.2-inch long module is backed by a five-year warranty and comes with the following certifications: IPX8, SAE J592 (A/R)(DOT),  SAE J595 Class I, SAE J2042 (A/R)(DOT), ECE R10, ECE R65 and CA Title 13.