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Karmak partners with PACCAR to bring electronic parts invoices to Fusion

March 12, 2018
Karmak partners with PACCAR to bring electronic parts invoices to Fusion

Karmak Inc., a leading provider of dealer management solutions for the heavy-duty industry, has partnered with PACCAR to bring dealers Electronic Parts Invoices within Karmak Fusion.

The PACCAR Parts Electronic Invoice feature is built on the Fusion eData Exchange EDI 810 Inbound Invoice technology, and gives clients the ability to process invoices from PACCAR Parts, as well as other independent suppliers. This feature saves dealers a significant amount of time that is currently spent entering and verifying invoices before approving them for payment. With PACCAR Parts Electronic Invoices within Fusion, the invoice is automatically compared to the original purchase order and Karmak’s exclusive receiving reference system to ensure dealers are only paying for the parts that were actually delivered.

“We’re excited to offer PACCAR Parts Electronic Invoices to our clients,” says John Lebel, Director of Strategic Partnerships with Karmak. “We saw it as a great opportunity to add value to Fusion and help our dealers become more efficient and profitable by leveraging the data in Fusion in conjunction with industry standard best practices.”

Current Fusion clients can leverage PACCAR Parts Electronic Invoices in Fusion Release 3.55, which includes hundreds of performance-enhancing changes and is available in the field today.