SAF-Holland offering VMRS for 10,000 part numbers

March 7, 2018
SAF-Holland offering VMRS for 10,000 part numbers

SAF-Holland announced that it now has over 10,000 part numbers available with Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards (VMRS) codes identified.

The industry standard coding for tracking equipment and maintenance information, VMRS began in 1969, and established a universal language for fleets, manufacturers, suppliers and distributors to communicate with those responsible for specifying, purchasing, operating and maintaining equipment.

Each VMRS is made up of a brand code, a systems code for the referenced equipment or part, an assembly code, and its component codes.

The accurate and easily understood reporting of VMRS allows fleets to better control inventory and costs in addition to helping them process warranty claims. VMRS helps to improve replacement parts decisions and provides fleets with component performance and more.

Distributors and service centers selling SAF-Holland Original Parts will also benefit from VMRS through Preferred Fleet Advantage programs as well as inventory control, warranty claims, and maintenance.