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July 1, 2008
HDAW organizers agree on management structure A combined management structure for the 2009 Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week Conference (HDAW) has been finalized

HDAW organizers agree on management structure

A combined management structure for the 2009 Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week Conference (HDAW) has been finalized with the announcement of a new agreement between the three conference organizers: Heavy Duty Distribution Association, Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association, and the Commercial Vehicle Solutions Network.

HDAW ‘09 will be held February 16-19, 2009, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando FL.

More than 1,800 managers and executives from 17 nations including distributors, manufacturers, service providers, educators and media attended the 2008 HDAW conference.

HDAW is presented by a joint operating committee comprised of industry leaders from American Council of Frame and Alignment Specialists (ACOFAS), Commercial Vehicle Solutions Network (CVSN), Heavy Duty America (HDA), Heavy Duty Distribution Association (HDDA), Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association (HDMA), Heavy Duty Remanufacturing Group (HDRG), International Truck Parts Association (ITPA), Overseas Automotive Council (OAC), Power Heavy Duty, Service Specialists Association (SSA), Truck Pride, and VIPAR HD Parts.

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Wood products reps to conduct seminar

The Engineered Wood Association, the Composite Panel Association (CPA), and the Hardwood Plywood and Veneer Association (HPVA) will present technical information covering product specification and performance as it relates to specific applications on opening day of the International Woodworking Machinery and Furniture Supply Fair (IWF). This event is set for August 20, 2008, in Atlanta GA.

Representatives from the three leading wood products trade associations will present their latest information related to structural panels (softwood plywood and oriented strand board), composite panels (MDF and particleboard), and hardwood decorative veneer.

This two-hour seminar for shop personnel, designers, specifiers, purchasing managers, distributors, and architectural woodworkers will be held from 2-4 p.m. August 20. To register, visit

Volvo engines meet CA emissions rules

Volvo Trucks North America's customers may now take advantage of a new feature to meet California's stringent low-emissions truck idling requirements. Volvo trucks equipped with this feature comply with California regulations, with the benefit of very low nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions.

Volvo's family of D11, D13, and D16 engines can be ordered with an optional Low NOx Idle, or LNI, feature. With LNI, Volvo engines are certified to emit 30 gr/hr or less of NOx while idling. California regulations prohibit trucks that do not meet this standard from idling for more than five minutes. Pennsylvania and New Jersey have adopted the requirement, and other states are considering it.

Volvo's LNI involves idling at a low 700 rpm, while also employing a low level of exhaust gas recirculation. This reduces fuel consumption compared with higher idle speeds, and lowers NOx emissions. It also provides faster engine warm-up, so the truck can be driven sooner after a cold start. Volvo engines can be safely idled for extended periods of time.

The Cummins ISX, available in some Volvo truck models, also meets the California NOx limits. So all engines built after January 1, 2008, for Volvo trucks are certified to meet the NOx idle limits. Volvo trucks with these engines are now in production.

Smart Lamp thinks fast, saves space

Peterson Manufacturing's latest-generation Piranha-brand LED comes with built-in intelligence offering multifunction safety lighting for a range of service/utility/construction vehicles. Called the Smart Lamp, the new auxiliary strobing LED packs computer-driven functionality and instant LED response into a slim, 6“ oval design that fits wherever standard round lights won't. Amber in color, it meets J1318 specifications and can install on thinner rails to replace the original turn lights.

The new Oval Smart Lamp is hard-wired to accommodate both dual and quad flashing patterns. While its internal micro-processor keeps left/right strobes in sync, it also coordinates strobe light functions with rear turn signals, canceling and activating the strobes when turn signals are operated.

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Haldex secures order worth $130 million

Haldex's Commercial Vehicle Systems Division has secured a five-year order worth approximately $130 million from the German company BPW (Bergische Achsen), Europe's largest manufacturer of trailer axles

The order pertains to automatic brake adjusters developed jointly by Haldex and BPW. The brake adjusters, called ECO-Master II, are based on the latest generation of automatic brake adjusters from Haldex. ECO-Master II replaces BPW's previous generation of proprietarily manufactured automatic brake adjusters.

Series deliveries will commence in April 2008.

“This is the largest individual order we have ever received for brake adjusters,” said Joakim Olsson, president and chief executive officer of Haldex.

“The order reinforces our strong market position for trailers in Europe, and our close cooperation with BPW, which we plan to extend to additional products in the near future,” said Jay Longbottom, president of the Commercial Vehicle Systems Division.

Remote control door system from Whiting

New from Whiting Door Manufacturing is its CommandLIFT remote control door system that can be used on most truck body or trailer rollup door applications. The CommandLIFT is designed to be universal, compact, and secure.

“The CommandLIFT does away with a driver or warehouseperson having to manually open and close rollup doors,” says Jim Webb, the company's business development manager. “Instead, it is done with the push of a button.

“The remote door system not only provides added security and convenience,” he says, “it also increases productivity while reducing driver fatigue and the strain and injuries often associated with opening and closing truck and trailer doors. What's more, the system helps provide maximum door service reliability and life through controlled door openings and closings. The door travels at two feet per second.”

The CommandLIFT is composed of several main components: a center roof-mounted track assembly that attaches to the existing roof bows, a motor assembly that includes a fail-safe internal and external release system, and two remote control key fobs. The system, which requires a suitable 12- or 24-volt power supply, is a direct-drive type that provides long life and reliability because there are no chains or belts to wear out.

The system operates quietly and smoothly with an automatic soft start and stop and provides reliable performance in any type of operating environment.

The CommandLIFT has two integrated Luma Bar LED lights that provide additional illumination with very little current draw. The lights turn on when the door opens, and turn off when the door closes.

The system's motor unit can be easily disengaged, allowing conventional door operation.

The system already is for sale in Canada and will be available in the US starting January 2008.

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Peterson 179 Series gives 3-D tunnel effect

Truck and trailer owners looking for a different idea in accessory lighting will find it in Peterson's latest addition to its Piranha LED line. Called the ultimate accessory light by the firm, the new 179 Series model employs optics that create a stunning 3-D tunnel effect when lighted.

Both amber and red versions of the 3-D LED are available. Designed for accessory use only, the new light offers striking ways to illuminate and beautify such big rig and custom trailer features as stainless steel air cleaners, headache racks, bumpers, door panels, and running boards.

With an operating range of 8-16 volts, the light mounts on 4-inch centers and allows either lead to connect to the hot wire. Existing bullet terminals can be plugged into .180 female connectors or removed for hard-wire connection.

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Eaton's UltraShift family keeps growing

Eaton Corp's family of automated medium- and heavy-duty transmissions now includes 49 different configurations currently operating in North America.

These automated transmissions also are available through all of the roughly 2,600 North American OEM dealerships.

The coverage includes five-, six-,10-, 13-, and 18-speed designs, with torque capacity ratings ranging from 660 to 2,250 ft-lb. Eaton's automated family includes the two-pedal Fuller HV (Highway Value) medium-duty transmission, and the Fuller LST (Linehaul Standard), LHP (Linehaul High Performance), and LEP (Linehaul Efficient Performance) UltraShift heavy-duty transmissions; and the three-pedal Fuller AutoShift heavy-duty transmissions.

Additional new UltraShift models are planned for introduction in 2008. Visit for more details.

Oasis offers refuge from wasteful idling

Firefly Energy Inc has announced that the first pre-production versions of its BCI Group 31 truck battery — to be marketed under the new name Oasis — will be available for review and testing during the first quarter of 2008.

The company said its Oasis battery will primarily be used when the truck's diesel engine is turned off, and provide up to 50 percent longer run-times when powering accessories that collectively make up a truck's “hotel loads.”

This battery will have a sealed valve-regulated design. The primary characteristic of the first Firefly Energy lead acid battery is the inclusion of a high surface area, non-corrodible and lightweight carbon foam material. Firefly Energy's 3D carbon foam unleashes the high power potential of lead acid chemistry which was impossible to achieve in the past. This technology not only reduces the lead content making the batteries smaller and lighter, but also enables faster, deeper and more reliable discharges and recharges. This significantly extends the battery's life, and it makes it more environmentally friendly and less expensive than lithium and nickel battery chemistries.

The Oasis battery will offer continuous power through the discharge process, a fast recharge to 100 percent capacity, excellent vibration resistance, and greater cold-starting capabilities. Typical battery life is extended since sulfation is reduced. When tested in cold-weather extremes at minus 20° C, the batteries were capable of delivering above 65 percent of their rated “room temperature” capacity compared with 20 percent or less for standard Group 31 batteries.

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Scotchman's band saw virtually automatic

Scotchman Industries is offering the SHA 1419 Band Saw, a simple-to-use automatic saw that combines mitering capability with an automatic bar-feed system. The bar-feed uses an automatic shuttle vise feed system that handles up to 40 inches in a single stroke.

Capacity is 14" × 19" at 90° and 14" × 14" at 45°. The standard Programmable Length Control (PLC) allows the operator to program the job, including both piece length and count. PLC takes into consideration the multiple indexes and blade kerf, making it easy to set lengths. The full-stroke vising and optional bundling attachment bundles up to the full capacity.

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LVD Switch eliminates dead batteries

Cole Hersee Co introduces its new Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD) Switch, which eliminates dead batteries by automatically disconnecting non-critical loads from a battery when the battery falls below a predefined threshold. When battery voltage is restored, the switch automatically restores functionality of the ancillary equipment.

Suitable for trucking applications, the LVD Switch prevents the loads from disconnecting during starting. The switch provides overcurrent, short-circuit, and overtemperature protections to ensure a safe and reliable operation. It is resistant to vibration and mechanical shock and withstands contamination from moisture, dust, or salt spray.

This switch extends battery life. It has a 200-amp at 12-volt DC rating, and comes with a manual override option to allow users to make or break the connection regardless of battery voltage.

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Toyo adds size for M320 super single tire

Toyo announces a new 425/65R22.5 size for its M320 wide base super single tire. This tire is designed for tough on/off-highway use in applications such as dump trucks, concrete mixers, and refuse trucks.

The M320 features large tread blocks with functional sipes and three wide zigzag grooves to improve traction both off the road and on the streets. It has a long life due to an optimized casing profile that minimizes growth of the tread area while maintaining a more uniform and flatter tread radius during its service life. A cap base tread compound helps to prevent the concentration of stress in a single area, effectively reducing excessive heat build-up during operation. In addition to providing endurance in its design construction, the M320 can be retreaded.

In addition to the new 425/65R22.5 size, the M320 is also available as a wide-base super single in a 385/65R22.5 size. Conventional sizes of the tire include an 11R22.5, 12R22.5, 315/80R22.5, and an 11R24.5 for a variety of fitments which require both traction and durability.

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Phillips receives two additional patents

Phillips Industries has received federal patents for two more products. Patent numbers have been assigned to Permalogic Controllers and the Sta-Dry Slim-7 Trailer Harness.

Permalogic all-electronic noseboxes are designed to control the trailer interior dome lamps and charge the liftgate batteries. These units are designed for fleets making multiple deliveries, such as foodservice and other refrigerated operations. The Permalogic family of products includes a dome lamp controller; liftgate battery charging system; TC Plus, which combines the benefits and capabilities of the Permalogic and the Permalogic TC in a single nosebox; and the Reefer, an all-weather, all electronic controller, designed to manage power to trailer dome lamps in trailers with refrigeration units.

The Slim-7 harness is a thin, molded seven-way connection that easily fits through the frame rails of any trailer. Like all Phillips trailer harness systems, it has molded connections between modules with specially designed ribs and O-rings that keep moisture and contaminants from penetrating the electrical system.

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New line of hubcaps is PSI-compatible

SKF has introduced four new PSI-compatible hubcaps to its wheel-end Scotseal product offering. The new hubcaps are compatible with the Meritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS) by Pressure Systems Inc (PSI), an automatic tire inflation system. MTIS uses compressed air from a trailer's air system to inflate any tire that falls below a specified pre-set pressure. The system ultimately increases tire life, fuel efficiency, and safety.

The new hubcaps incorporate the same leakproof technology built into SKF's Scotseal TF hubcap product line. SKF TF hubcaps are manufactured of lightweight Dupont Zytel that resists impact damage, extreme weather conditions, road salt, and ultraviolet radiation or ozone. The PSI insert is incorporated into the hubcap's fusion-bonded window, which ensures a leakproof characteristic. Additionally, dual side fill plugs offer convenience that other hubcaps do not offer.

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Products halt tire vibration, erratic wear

Tru-Balance Truck Wheel Centering Products' patented line is designed to eliminate the problem of tire vibration and erratic tire wear. With hub-piloted wheels, gravity causes the weight of the wheel to rest on the upper pilots, which creates a gap at the bottom pilots. Even the smallest of gaps results in an egg-shaped motion upon rotation. This uneven motion creates tire vibration and all that goes with it. Tru-Balance products bypass the hub pilots and center the wheel to the wheel studs. This creates the true center of the wheel and eliminates the uneven gap which eliminates the tire vibration.

Benefits of these products include:

  • Reduces rolling resistance of tires

  • Increases fuel mileage and tire life

  • Dramatically decreases tire vibration and erratic tire wear

  • Cuts rebalancing costs

  • Reduces “wheel off” condition and tire cupping

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AFS tooling repairs damaged threads

Alcoa Fastening Systems (AFS) is offering the NES Universal Rethreading System product line. This line is comprised of the NES Studsaver external and NES ReTHRED internal thread restorers. NES tools can be purchased individually or as part of a kit featuring either the Studsaver or ReTHRED tools. Combination kits, containing tools for both internal and external thread repair, are also available.

The Studsaver is capable of re-threading virtually any stripped or damaged part. It adjusts to any thread diameter and pitch, adapts to all types of threads, and requires no prior measurement of the thread. Unlike taps, the Studsaver can enter below the damaged area and work outward to complete the repair. The tool line consists of three tool variations, with a range spanning from 5/32“ (M4) to 5“ (M128). The Studsaver can be purchased on its own, or in a kit that includes a case, three sizes of Studsavers, one set of 60° replacement blades, internal thread cleaner, and an extension rod.

The ReTHRED uses a high-speed steel retracting blade to rethread damaged internal threads from below the damaged area outward. This tool line has six tool variations, with a range of 5/16" (M8) to 2-5/8"(M68). The ReTHRED tool can adjust to any thread within its size range, tracking undamaged threads to regroove the damaged threads, all without prior measuring. Blades are available in 55° for BSP and BSW threadforms.

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PSM helps protect ride bags from damage

New from AIRman, the patent-pending Pressure Select Module (PSM) provides control for spread axle suspension dump while protecting ride bags from damage due to collapse. Electrically operated, the PSM includes a built-in pressure regulator to provide a preset and tamper-resistant ride bag pressure after the suspension has been dumped for the sake of improved maneuverability.

An integral shuttle and solenoid-operated directional control valve allow the PSM to shift pressure in the ride bags from the height control valve (HCV) to the preset pressure of the built-in regulator and back again. The PSM output is connected to the control port of an R12 pilot-operated regulator valve with a fast dump. When PSM shifts, it communicates a control pressure signal to the R12 that, in turn provides for fast exhaust or connection to the HCV.

Spread axle maneuverability is gained quickly when required and without potential damage to the ride bags as the PSM module produces just enough pressure to prevent collapse. PSM provides accurate and repeatable selection between HCV and PSM pressure.

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Grote reports for duty with MRAP lamps

When delivery of new Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles (MRAPs) to Iraq became Pentagon priority one, Grote Industries was ready with three, new, tactical light emitting diode (LED) interior lamps, designed, tested — and in the case of one new lamp — manufactured and ready to ship.

Grote has already met a new Pentagon specification for blue/white combination interior lighting. Its single LED lamp automatically switches from standard service white light to tactical mode blue light the moment the vehicle door opens.

The firm also is supplying similar white/red LED lighting in another single, interior dome lamp for MRAPs made by military tactical vehicle manufacturers. By innovating new technology LEDs, Grote was able to integrate both light functions into a single lamp system.

Both tactical illumination modes, red and blue, are employed to make personnel less visible upon exiting the interior of a vehicle, as well as complement the effectiveness of night vision equipment.

Like Grote's Retrofit LED Kit for HMMWVs (High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicles), the new MRAP tactical interior lamps electronic circuit design has eliminated the threat of detectable lamp electromagnetic interference (EMI), a telltale signal an enemy can detect.

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Grote lamp keeps step wells better-lit

Providing a safer and better-lit vehicle entry point was the aim when Grote Industries introduced the new Step Well LED WhiteLight lamp. Designed in compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act, the Step Well lamp vastly improves visibility in floor lighting for buses and other vehicle step well applications.

The Grote LED WhiteLight technology is more energy-efficient and longer-lasting. It is also specifically designed for bus electronics and is easily integrated into existing platforms.

The company found a way to dissipate the internal thermal heat buildup that can shorten the life of an LED. Grote's substantial operating temperature advantage also lessens the possibility of injury when coming in contact with the lamp.

With its specially formulated thermal- and moisture-resistant potting cushioning, along with its angled circuitry, all enclosed in a stainless steel bezel with a polycarbonate lens, the Step Well lamp is as tough as it is attractive.

This new lamp is ADA-compliant. For more information, access

Wabash selects Goodyear as tire supplier

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co has signed a one-year agreement to be the preferred tire supplier for Wabash National Corp's semitrailers.

This agreement includes using Goodyear Unisteel G316 LHT trailer tires featuring Fuel Max Technology on Wabash National's DuraPlate dry van trailer, which recently received certification in the United States Environmental Protection Agency's SmartWay Transport Partnership.

Goodyear's Fuel Max linehaul tires also have been approved for use on SmartWay tractors and trailers. SmartWay is a voluntary partnership between the freight industry and the EPA to increase energy efficiency and emissions reductions.