Free WillGo Now: Trailer database changes

Aug. 1, 2009
WillGo Inc. has converted its online, searchable Trailers For Sale database to a free service

WillGo Inc. has converted its online, searchable “Trailers For Sale” database to a free service.

Since its launch in 1997, the database (previously know as WillGo's National Trailer Inventory) has been a collection of dry vans, flatbeds, and reefers available for sale in North America. Following the “trailer broker” business model, a fee was added to prices provided by listing sellers before posting in the database. This fee was payable to WillGo by the seller if, and when, a successful sale was arranged.

As of January, broker fees will no longer be added to sellers' listing prices. The marketing and public awareness campaign developed to introduce this new service has been dubbed “Free WillGo Now!”

To qualify for participation in this service, selling listers must 1.) register at, 2.) list all groups for sale electronically through the “List Trailers For Sale” link at the WillGo home page, 3.) update their listings at least every 60 days to avoid automatic deletion, and 4.) agree to provide accurate, honest, and ethical listings and sales practices.