Detroit Diesel Delivers First BlueTec Customer Demo Units

May 6, 2009
Detroit Diesel Corporation has delivered its first two BlueTec emissions technology customer demo units (CDU) to Schneider National, Inc

Detroit Diesel Corporation has delivered its first two BlueTec emissions technology customer demo units (CDU) to Schneider National, Inc. The CDUs will be integrated into Schneider's fleet to gain valuable real-world experience with the technology in advance of EPA 2010 regulations.

Delivered in late January 2009, the Schneider CDUs are Freightliner Cascadias equipped with Detroit Diesel DD15 engines, and have already logged more than 45,000 miles.

Steve Duley, vice president of purchasing for Schneider National, noted that they keep close tabs on the units and provide Detroit Diesel feedback every day, including responses from drivers and technicians.

"By actually field testing the technology, we are putting the units into real-life situations, which ultimately helps Detroit Diesel engineers to identify every possible issue in advance," said Duley. "We are confident the experience we gain from CDUs will give us additional time to prepare for the transition."

Schneider's participation in the BlueTec field test is part of its ongoing commitment to running the most energy-efficient fleet in the industry.

"Wise use of our natural resources is important to our customers and to Schneider National," said Duley. "New technologies and spec'ing our equipment with energy-efficiency in mind is critical to delivering on that promise."

Duley said a small group of drivers were briefed and trained in advance on the CDUs to further contribute to the testing and feedback.

"Our CDUs help customers like Schneider gain experience with BlueTec emissions technology well ahead of 2010, helping to provide an easy transition," said David Siler, director of marketing for Detroit Diesel. "Plus, by working closely with Schneider, we will continue to refine our technology, ensuring exemplary performance and fuel economy."

BlueTec, Daimler's emissions technology, was selected by Detroit Diesel in 2005 to meet the upcoming stringent EPA 2010 emissions standards for heavy-duty trucks.

Based on Daimler's experience with more than 200,000 trucks in Europe using BlueTec emissions technology and with more than 13 million miles of testing completed, this is one of the first systems of its kind to improve fuel efficiency while reducing emissions to near-zero levels.

Schneider National has been a Detroit Diesel customer since 1991, and more than 90 percent of its fleet is equipped with Detroit Diesel engines.

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